Dem convention: Green and fat?

This may be a green convention but there was nothing green on the Pepsi Center menu … unless you count the pricey, $3.25 bottled water.

Corn dogs. Bratwurst. Popcorn. Pizza. Kettle corn. My gate was right next to the Dippin Dots booth.

I have no idea what the culinary offerings will be tonight in Mile High Stadium, except I do know there’s no beer.

One of my super-secret sources says convention planners initially pushed the idea of a healthy food  convention complete with salad bars and carrot smoothies. But they were widely mocked as nannies and party poopers so they threw open the gates to sugar, fat and cholesterol galore.

“I think they went a little overboard,” said my super-secret source.

Here’s a little video tour of the food offerings in the convention hall:

Lisa Vorderbrueggen