Dem convention: Signing off, headed to St. Paul

The fireworks are over and security is trying to throw the press out of Invesco stadium, unsuccessfully, mind you. We’re a stubborn lot, especially on deadline.

The CNN groupies oogling Cooper Anderson have disbursed. I never knew cable television personalities had groupies.

Obama delivered an impressive speech. He was bold and confident. He was clear and concise.

And he set the tone for the upcoming campaign: Attack McCain’s politics, not his character. It remains to be seen whether the outside groups on both sides of the political aisle will subscribe to it but it is a worthwhile and worthy goal.

I was skeptical about this outdoor stadium idea. The stage seemed too grand with its Greek-like columns and the atmosphere too much like a rock concert. It was still way too long at nearly six hours. I worried that some of the delegates would have trouble sitting in the sun for so long. The fireworks were a little scary, frankly. I like my fireworks a little further afield than inside a stadium with 84,000 people.

But now that it’s over, I liked it. There were many memorable moments, some big and some small but the delegates — and myself — will surely take away a sense that democracy is sometimes worth grand gestures.

Next up, I’m headed to St. Paul for the Republican Convention. I’ve never been to Minnesota so I’m looking forward to seeing a new place and listening to different set of Americans exercise democracy.
Look for my “GOP convention” posts to start Saturday and my coverage next week of the nomination of John McCain and his vice president.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Let us all know your thoughts on McCain’s choice for VP

  • RR

    Save MediaNews some money and leave the rest of the herd in Oakland. You are a big girl, you can analyze the proceedings all by yourself.

  • Kelly

    Hey Lisa, I think it’s Anderson Cooper, not Cooper Anderson.

    We all see your a huge fan. 🙂