GOP convention: An unworthy diversion

The California delegation hotel is a couple of exits away from the largest enclosed mall in the country, the Mall of America. What better way to spend a few hours if the evening convention schedule has been canceled?

My colleague from the Mercury News, Mary Anne and I, were underwhelmed. Yeah, it’s big and it has 500-plus stores. And yeah, there’s a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel inside. But this is Minnesota. They have winter, a season those of us from the Bay Area have little experience. Having stuff indoors is a big plus.

We heard the mall had a “Reporter’s Retreat” lounge with offers to let journalists swim with sharks — I’m not sure if they were real sharks or why sharks would live in Minnesota — but it was closed by the time we got there tonight.

Here’s a quick video of the rollercoaster. Mary Anne offered to video me in one of the rides but that would have been unseemly. There’s a hurricane going on, after all.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Kelly

    You should have rode the roller coaster. Your in politics. Your covering the political conventions not the weather and mother nature.

    I guess it’s hard to empathize when “we” on the west coast really have no first hand experience of what a hurricane is like to live through.

    Plus, it would have been funny to see you on a roller coaster. We all need humor, right?!?