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Monday’s RNC video highlights

By Josh Richman
Monday, September 1st, 2008 at 9:36 pm in Elections, Republican Party.

First Lady Laura Bush and four Gulf Coast governors:

Cindy McCain and First Lady Laura Bush:

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  • Realist

    Wow – Fred Thompson suggests that the country is NOT in any kind of economic recession – can you get ANY MORE OUT OF TOUCH ??????

    Gosh Fred – have you been to the gas station or the grocery store in the last few months ??

  • Realist

    Oh no !

    “….we sent in more troops, and now we’re winning !”
    (another Fred Thompson quote)

    And I have to wonder – “What are we winning, Fred ?”
    Let’s see – I’m paying MORE for gas than ever before, oh, I know – maybe you have a clue where Osama is – maybe he’s right around the corner. . .or maybe those WMD’s were “discovered” . . . . or, maybe fewer folks in uniform will be dying tomorrow and the next day ???? Just what the heck are we WINNING, Fred ??????