GOP convention: Fred is ‘The Man’

Fred Thompson gave a better speech last night for John McCain than he ever did for his own presidential campaign.

California Republican delegated loved Thompson, an actor and former U.S. senator from Tennessee, and raved about his speech during their delegation party after the convention.  (Click here to see the LA Times’ full transcript of the speech.) Thompson was, by far, the best speaker of the night although the speech of Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., was interesting; Rep. Ellen Tauscher , D-Alamo, nominated Lieberman in 2000 for vice president at the Democratic National Convention.

Californians enthusiastically recounted their favorite lines from Thompson’s speech although the most mentioned was the line about how veep candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is the only VP in history who knows how to “properly dress a moose” except perhaps Teddy Roosevelt.

Thompson’s celebrity status continued today as he drew a crowd at the Pajama TV mini-studio in the Xcel Center. My press stand seat is right beneath it and I watched Thompson interview country music artist John Rich. Formerly of country group Big and Rich, the Amarillo, Tex., native will sing the National Anthem tonight and a song he wrote called “Raising McCain.” (Hmm, I wonder which candidate he supports?)

The PJ people got their pajamas in a twist when I tried to video a short clip of the interview but I did catch the pair right after they finished without incurring any further wrath.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen