GOP convention: Protester scene mild so far today

As I walked into the Xcel Center this afternoon, I saw a portion of the anti-war protest scene in downtown St. Paul.

It seemed pretty mild so far today.

But worries about violence have been far more justified in Minnesota than in Denver for the Democratic convention. Security is everywhere. I had to show my press credentials at least five times as I entered the building.

Delegate Jenniffer Rodriguez of Fremont, also president of the California Young Republicans, said she had to outrun protesters on Tuesday. “They were throwing stuff at us and yelling at us,” she said. “It was scary.”

This is the United States of America and as citizens, we are free to protest. But we are not free to harass and intimidate people who disagree with us.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    The so-called anarchists are the most violence-prone element in the Extreme Left. Smashing windows of businesses is one of their favorite ways of expressing their distaste for capitalism. (They really hate Starbucks for some reason). A genuine revolutionary, such as Lenin, would term their movement “an infantile disorder.”