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    The California delegation is huge. 174 delegates.. plus the same amounts of alternates and guests. There were probably over 500 people. Yet outside of Jill Buck (who we saw several times) and Dr. Stevens (once) there was nobody else in the entire delegation that you could video tape to get an opinion? I mean the folks who go to these events love to talk and hear themselves talk.

    So what Happened?

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    Heck, every registered Republican in SF could have attended the RNC and still left room for many other delegates! As for Jill Buck, she giggles a lot.

  • The McCain Campaign has made some poor choices concerning the placement of key leadership personnel throughout California. One example of this is, Dr. Steve Savas, who is the Alameda County Coordinator for the McCain Campaign and also,a newly appointed Member of the Alameda Co Republican Central Committee. ((The speaker in the first video.))

    Dr. Savas conducts himself, and acts as though the Republicans are in a position to exclude volunteers and opperate under a closed door “small tent” policy and yet, still win the election. Maybe the good Doctor should study-up on the party registration numbers in his own county and stop kidding himself.

    Steve Savas, firmly backed the recent lawsuit that was filed by the Alameda Co Republican Party Chairman, Paul Cummings against 10 elected volunteers because he supported McCain in the Primary Election and the volunteers did not!

    Dr. Steve Savas should read my new book! It’s called, A PHD’s Intro to Common-sense. I go over remedial stuff like… If you have 415,000 registered Democrats in Alameda County and only 117,000 registered Republicans… How do you win the election?

    Answer: You get the 170,000 Decline to State voters, the 15,000 American Independents, the 3,000 Libertarians and even a few of the Democrats, to cross over Party lines and vote Republican.

  • Republican Establishment Sues Elected Ron Paul Supporters Taking Back the Party

    Alameda County, California – The Republican establishment is suing seven Ron Paul supporters, including the author of this article, who were newly elected to the Alameda County Republican Central Committee, using the Committee Chairman, Paul Cummings, as their surrogate. If the establishment is successful in this lawsuit, you can expect this tactic, or similar ones, to be repeatedly utilized to crush Ron Paul supporters. We could have agreed not to contest the lawsuit and quietly faded away; instead we remained committed to the Revolution and elected to fight. However, we can not have a successful Revolution if patriots such as ourselves are forced to stand alone on the battlefield. We need your support and, most importantly, financial assistance to win this lawsuit, and help take back the Republican Party from within. (See below how to help out.)

    Prior to the June 3rd election, many of us were questioning what role we would play in continuing the Revolution and advancing the cause of liberty in our local area. For many of us, we knew all along that the Revolution was about the “message” and not the “man,” so a number of us decided to take Ron Paul’s advice and took steps to get involved with the local political process by running for the Alameda County Republican Party Central Committee. (Alameda County is across San Francisco Bay from San Francisco) We felt that we could put what we had learned during the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign to good use in promoting our own campaigns for Central Committee. Along with other like minded supporters, we formed a group which we named the Constitutional Republicans in honor of Ron Paul. We used our organizational skills to get a professional looking website up and running, personalized fliers printed and a Meetup Group started. We did canvassing drives, literature drops, sign bombs, flier bombs, email blasts and a whole host of other things to get our slate of Constitutional Republicans recognized and elected.

    After the June 3rd election, it was obvious that our hard work had paid off. We ran a total of 18 candidates, and 12 were successful in winning seats on the 30 member Central Committee. Our entire group received 67,829 individual votes from the Republican voters of Alameda County. We were all very grateful to the voters, for supporting us and giving us the chance to do our part in returning the Republican Party to its roots.

    After the results of the election had been certified by the Board of Supervisors, the Chairman decided to file a lawsuit contesting the election of seven of the newly elected members. We believe that this was a desperate attempt to deplete our numbers and scare our people from serving on the Central Committee. Needless to say, the Chairman’s plan did not work, as this lawsuit has effectively turned our group from a herd of alley cats into a pride of lions! We are now more organized, dedicated and committed than ever before.

    This is not to say that our battle is over… It’s far from it! We still need all the help that we can get. Up to this point we have been coordinating our legal defense among ourselves and doing the best we can. We have a strong case but we need to retain legal counsel to assist us and argue our case in court. It is also very important to stop the Republican establishment from using this tactic against other Ron Paul supporters, or as I like to say, “Constitutional Republicans.” If we fail, you can all be assured that this tactic will be used every time we gain ground in restoring our Constitutional Republic!

    I will post the links below to our website, our Legal Defense Fund Chip-In account, our YouTube channel with videos, newspaper articles and the Chairman’s email.

    Please make a donation to our Legal Defense Fund Chip-In account! No donation is too small, every dollar counts and is much appreciated. Our trial is set for October 17th, so time is short. This Revolution will continue…

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmond Burke

    Our website with details of our organization and our court case:

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    Thank You For Your Support,

    The Alameda County Constitutional Republicans