GOP convention: Take a tour of the floor

I wrangled a floor pass and wandered through the delegates gathered for the start of the final night of the Republican National Convention.

I particularly enjoyed the Texas delegation, whose cowboy hats and patriotic clothes really stand out in this stadium with 20,000 people.

Check out my videos on my tour:

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Kandi Lancaster

    Where’s the diversity? I see you found one African-American man standing next to the California sign. During McCain’s speech I kept track and there were only 15 appearances by people of color on the CSPAN feed. When I asked my 8th grade students today what they noticed when they watched Obama’s speech, their answer was “there were lots of different people, all types of people.” I can’t wait to see if they noticed the difference. How could McCain say that he wants to stop the “constant partisan rancor” when his running mate did only that the night before? Kind of scary that he will “reach out his hand to anyone” but thinks Obama will do “anything” to win the election. . . .and the difference is?????? McCain wants a “government that doesn’t make choices for you”??? But, will limit those choices waging war on Roe v. Wade? Why didn’t McCain wear a flag pin? My overall favorite of the night?–the man with the sign “The Mavrick” (sic). Cheers, Kandi

  • RR

    Yes, the Bay Area is highly diverse. It’s only 90 per cent liberal-to-radical Democrat.