Hip-hoppin for votes

Alameda County and AC Transit will roll out a hip-hop-styled bus Wednesday designed to attract young people to register to vote.

I don’t what a “hip hop” bus is supposed to look like — where do you buy bling for a bus? — or whether it will lure young voters into its depths.

But the county and the transit agency say they hope to register as many voters as possible using the bus. They will kick off the registration drive 11 a.m. Wednesday in front of the Alameda County adminsitration builiding at 1221 Oak Street in Oakland.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    Let’s NOT get out the vote! If young people don’t feel connected to the political process, it’s their lack of interest at fault. If they can’t be bothered to follow the news, why bother encouraging them to vote?