Napa County warns voters of GOP shenanigans

The Napa County Registrar of Voters sent out this press release today warning people of a misleading mailer from GOP presidential candidate John McCain.

The election office has been flooded with angry and confused calls about the mailer, which reportedly suggests that folks need to confirm their party registration status. This county is 47 percent Democrat and 30 percent Republican.

Has anyone in Contra Costa or Alameda county received this mailer? Read more for details from Napa County:

707.253.4459      jtuteur@co.napa.ca.us


Voters throughout Napa County have received a misleading mailing from
the Republican National Committee on behalf of Republican Presidential
Candidate John McCain.  The mailing asks the recipient to confirm their
registration information.  The misleading element is that registered
Democrats are being sent registration data showing that the RNC believes
they are registered Republicans.  “Our office has been inundated with
calls from voters who believe that their registration information is
incorrect in our files,” explained John Tuteur, Napa County Registrar of
Voters.  “This Presidential election is too important to have either
party sending out confusing material.”  Tuteur urged voters to ignore
the information in the mailing.

Voters with questions or comments can reach the Election Division at
707.253.4321 [Toll free from Upvalley or American Canyon 1-888-494-8356]
or by e-mail at elections@co.napa.ca.us

Lisa Vorderbrueggen