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Sandre Swanson on the GOP budget proposal

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 9:26 pm in Assembly, Sandre Swanson.

Assemblyman Sandre Swanson, D-Alameda, issued a statement tonight, some hours after the Assembly rejected a Republican budget proposal on a 27-45 party line vote.

“This budget touts the fact that it doesn’t add revenues and doesn’t raise taxes. But the reality is that it pushes that burden off to local government. It pushes it off to families that have to pay higher tuition. It pushes it off to counties and others to pick up the responsibilities. It is simply a running away from our responsibilities as a legislature to lead, and I cannot support such an irresponsible proposal.

“Let’s not be disingenuous and say that we’re not going to put adequate money for in-home care. We know that those who need care are not going to go without that care. We know that the counties and the local governments are going to have to make up the difference. That’s called a tax increase, and we need to deal with it here in Sacramento in an honest and transparent fashion.

“Our high threshold for passing the budget puts the legislature in the hands of a very small minority of legislators. It is why this structural deficit problem has been continually passed on year in and year out, with proposals like the one before us today. We need to join 47 other states in having a simple majority, so that we can craft a budget that reflects our values and addresses our priorities while making education our top priority.”

Swanson chairs the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee, and is a member of the Budget Committee.

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