Gerber inspires ‘Do Not Call’ complaint

GOP congressional candidate Nick Gerber

GOP congressional candidate Nick Gerber

GOP congressional candidate Nick Gerber of Moraga apparently didn’t get that memo about California’s largely unenforced ban on robocalls.

Someone filed a complaint online with the National Political Do Not Contact Registry — which has no legal standing — about two automated campaign calls he or she received from Gerber.

“Found his website and sent e-mail to his wife,” the unnamed person wrote. “(I) said I was reporting them to Do Not Call.”

The unhappy resident also wrote, “Stop this jerk. I’m going to look up who he’s running against and if the person is liberal, make a donation to keep this fool out of office!”

Gerber is running in District 10 against incumbent Rep. Ellen Tauscher.

As this resident has probably already figured out, Do Not Call does not care — it regulates commercial, not political calls.

In fact, given the popularity of political robocalls and the threat of a major legal fight over free speech, Gerber’s wife may be this aggrieved resident’s most sympathetic ear.

Read more for the full complaint form as forwarded to me from Sean Dakin, the registry founder:

Completed on 09/11/2008 at 07:29 pm CDT

Q1. Did you receive a political robo call?
A1. Yes

Q2. Who made the call (campaign, candidate, organization)?
A2. 1. Nick Gerber on 9/4/08.  Not even in this idiot’s district! Found his website and sent an email to his wife, said I was reporting them to DONOTCALL.  Also reminded them ROBO c calls are illegal in CA.
2. Nick Gerber on 9/11/08 from 602-516-1050 – new message.  Another DO NOT CALL report.  Trying to find someone else to report them to. CA_DOJ? Electon board?

Q3. What telephone number originated the call?  (If you have caller ID, you could find the number)
A3. 602-516-1050

Q4. What was the date and time of the call, if known?
A4. 5:10pm

Q5. What was the content of the call, if known?
A5. First call blathered on about being a "fiscal conservative".
Some rant about some named Ellen(?).

2nd call did the usual conservative song & dance about "strenthening our boarders".

Q6. Do you know who paid for the call or who sponsored the call, if known?  (usually at the end of the call)

Q7. Is there anything you would like to add?
A7. Stop this jerk.  I’m going to look up who he’s running against & if the person is liberal, make a donation to keep this fool out of office!

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Renegade GOP

    This will be the highlight of the Gerber campaign. Nick stop throwing away your money. You are going to lose miserably. You have no chance.

  • Elwood

    “strenthening our boarders”

    Always good to have strong boarders.

    You might need to move a piano.

  • BJD

    I think Mr. Gerber is good guy, but he is way over his head in this race. They hardly ever send out newsletters, haven’t been able to raise money, and he is “campaigning” in the loosest sense of the word. To beat someone like Ellen Tauscher, you need a person with a solid name or celebrity, someone people already like or trust… before they find out what letter comes after their name.

  • RR

    When I think of Gerber, I think of baby food.

  • The incumbent has been ineffective for 10 years now. She sits astride a gerrymandered district without any term limits.

    I believe normal people should go to DC and represent all of us, not just one party over another (or voters over non-voters. Did you know that half of us don’t vote? What does that say about the current system?). They should serve a few years and then come home to live under the very same laws they helped pass.

    I’ll need luck in this campaign but more important. I’ll need your vote.
    Please vote for me for U.S. Congress.

    Thank you.

    – Nicholas Gerber
    CA CD10 Republican Congressional Candidate

  • Anne

    Nicholas Gerber: Dude, you just robocalled me. How stupid. If there’s one thing Congress does not need, it’s more stupid. No vote for you.

  • I would just wish that you would put your signs in appropriate places not private property or right of ways. Someone needs to give you the city rules on signs.

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    Nick Gerber the fact that you think you can win means that you are crazy. You should have run for local office first. you would have Improved your skills and then took a shot at the big job. But hey whatever you are toast!!

  • Toby

    The guy’s doing robocall spam. What a loser.

  • RR

    There’s a bunch of reasons voter turnout is low. One, the Yoofs could care less about Social Security, Medicare, etc. Two, a whole bunch of ethnics are too busy putting food on the table to give a hoot who goes to DC. Three, there’s a lots of brain-dead nominal citizens who don’t “relate” to campaign issues.

  • Tom

    Today I hung up on my fourth Gerber robocall in the past week or so. It’s extremely annoying and does nothing to advance the candidate or the conversation. Nick, if you read this, stop wasting your money. You’ve been conned by overpaid political consultants. Actual “normal people” wouldn’t associate with those a–holes.

  • RR

    Nick needs a shave. He looks like a left-wing prof at UC Tree-house.

  • Tom

    “Nick needs a shave. He looks like a left-wing prof at UC Tree-house.”

    Ssshhh! Don’t blow his cover! You’re not supposed to know he is a are-eee-pee-you-bee-ell-eye-see-aay-enn!

  • Jack

    This guy Gerber flunks the intelligence test — he thinks that annoying people with unsolicited and nonsensical phone calls will win him votes. Nick, you’re not one of the “normal people” you want to send to Washington… you’re annoying and stupid. We already have too much of that.