Obama asks Californians to campaign … in Nevada

The Barack Obama campaign sent out an email today asking Californians to take a trip to Vegas.But these volunteers will be knocking on doors, not throwing down whiskey and cards.

It’s more evidence that Democrats view Californians and their money as portable assets more useful in battleground states such as Nevada.

Check out the “Drive for Change” campaign:

Help out in Nevada

There are less than 50 days to go before November 4th, and Californians have a major role to play as we gear up for Election Day.

Supporters like you have stepped up at office openings and events across the state to declare your support for Barack and take an active role in the campaign. But to win this November, we must continue building our organization across California and keep bringing folks into our grassroots movement — not just here, but all over the country.

That’s why we need your help. As an Obama supporter in California, you can make a huge impact by traveling to Nevada to talk with voters about why Barack Obama and Joe Biden will bring the change we need.

We have a real shot to win in our neighbor state Nevada, but the race is extremely close and you could make the difference.

We are organizing a special trip for Californians travel to Nevada and grow our movement there. Will you take a short trip to Nevada to make a big difference for Barack?

John McCain has made it clear that he intends to continue George W. Bush’s failed policies. Just yesterday, he repeated his belief that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.”

Here in California, we know that’s not the case. It shows how out of touch McCain is from what’s going on in the lives of ordinary Americans.

The past eight years have been devastating for families in Nevada, California, and across the country, and it’s time for us to say: Enough.

That’s why we’re going to be counting on supporters like you to take a leadership role and travel to Nevada, a crucial battleground, to spread Barack’s message of change.

Face-to-face contact with undecided voters is the single most effective way to grow this movement. No experience is required, and we’ll help you make the trip as easily as possible with either housing in Nevada or discounted group rates at an area hotel.

Sign up for a Drive for Change in Nevada and make a short trip to make a big difference:



Mary Jane

Mary Jane Stevenson
California Field Director
Obama for America

P.S. — Camp Obama is a special opportunity for dedicated supporters to learn how they can play a bigger role in our campaign. If you’re interested in learning the tools and tactics that could help Barack win this November, join us at a Camp Obama training session near you:


Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Renegade GOP

    As the current field poll shows California is a lost cause for McCain. Even with the Palin surge of conservatives it is still Obama 52 McCain 36. What a joke the republican party is in this state.

  • Ron Morris

    Hi, Please remind me how I can connect with possible passengers to Las Vegas for the Oct 31 weekend. I will drive my Prius and can take two more persons along for the ride.I cannot recall how to get hold of these folks.


    Ron Morris