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Sign of the times: Congress a ‘distinct class of criminals?’

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 at 12:24 pm in Congress, political humor.

Pete and Helen McCloskey in Twisp, Washington

Pete and Helen McCloskey in Twisp, Washington

Former Peninsula Congressman Pete McCloskey and his wife, Helen,of Rumsey, Calif., pose beneath this funny sign in Twisp, Washington. (It’s a Mark Twain quote, I was remiss to add.)

McCloskey, a longtime Republican and one-time presidential candidate who started a group called the Revolt of the Elders, is now a Democrat. The Elders pushed for ethics reforms in Congress.

Photo courtesy of the McCloskeys.

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  • Renegade GOP

    Thank you Mark Twain!

  • Elwood

    “There is no native criminal class except Congress.” –Mark Twain

  • RR

    We elected him to do nothing and he did nothing very well.–Will Rogers