‘Go Cougars’ sign annoys school district

Measure J mailer in Moraga, Page 4

Measure J mailer in Moraga, Page 4

Acalanes Union High School Superintendent Jim Negri sent out an email to parents advising them that the district had nothing to do with the “Go Cougars” message and use of Campolindo High School colors on the “Yes on Measure J” signs popping up in Moraga.

The Bruzzone family, a large Moraga landowner, sponsored Measure J, which largely preserves the town’s existing general plan for open space and mandates the developer pay $7 million for public uses in return for housing approvals. It’s a counter-initiative to Measure K, sponsored by open-space advocates, which expands open space land-use designations and restricts development to the downtown area. If both measures pass by a majority, the one with the most votes would prevail.

Negri says the district contacted the “Yes on Measure J” campaign and the Town of Moraga regarding the signs, but was told that neither the town nor the district has any legal authority to remove the signs.

“Campolindo High School and the Acalanes Union High School District have not taken any position in support of or against Measure J,” the superintendent wrote. “The District does not take a position on local ballot issues, such as Measure J, unless there is a direct impact to the District. Measure J has no direct impact.”


Yes on Measure J spokeswoman Mary Jo Rossi is unimpressed with the flap.

“In a democracy, there is nothing wrong with painting signs red, white and blue – those are American colors – even our candidates for president have red, white and blue signs,” she wrote in an email.

She also took a jab at the Measure K advocates.

“Measure J advocates are mainstream Moraga residents who are youth sports leaders, parents, firefighters, and educators who take great pride in Moraga – not fringe Berkeley extremists like the individuals supporting Measure K,” she wrote.

Go Cougars!

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Tom

    Maybe by “Go Cougars” they are suggesting that Measure J will provide a friendly ecosystem for the local mountain lion community.

  • Freak of the far right

    Did you ever think that the go cougars sign is refering to single middle aged woman?
    Maybe they are trying to attract that demographic to vote for Measure J.

  • Dan Smith

    Mary J Rossi is a polical consultant paid by the Bruzzones. Her comment is typical of their smear tactics – Measure K is a locally sponsored and endorsed initiative. The only thing from Berkeley is endorsement by the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, and others who have office there.

    See Lisa V’s column on Mary Jo Rossi and her cohorts at:

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    Mary Joe Rossi is also a very good friend of Lisa V. Hence the favorable treatment.

  • Dennis

    I noticed that the go cougars signs have been removed from around Miramonte High School and elsewhere. So much for free speech in Moraga.

  • RR

    I’ve spotted local cougars and they look terrific, give or take a wrinkle or two.