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Let the debates (CD11) begin

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Friday, September 26th, 2008 at 11:37 am in 2008 November election, Congress, congressional district 11.

Dean Andal, GOP nominee, CD11

Dean Andal, GOP nominee, CD11

Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton

Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton

Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton and his Republican challenger Dean Andal of Stockton have agreed on two face-to-face showdowns.

As challengers do, Andal has been lobbying for months for debates while McNerney, as incumbents do, has been putting them off.

That’s all over now.

The pair will tape a half-hour roundtable on the evening of Oct. 3 as part of the traditional Contra Costa Times’ televised series in partnership with the League of Women Voters, Comcast, CCTV, Contra Costa County, East Bay Foundation and Lesher Foundation.

I am the moderator and will ask the questions of the two candidates in a roundtable format. The taping session isn’t open to the public because we’ll be inside a small CCTV Martinez television studio. But it will air repeatedly on CCTV and other area public stations until the election. The segment will also be available 24-7 online at (Check back on my blog for airdates and links to the video as soon we complete production and post it, probably on Oct. 6 or 7.)

An open-to-the-public candidate event opent sponsored by the Tracy Press will be held Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. at Monte Visa Middle School, 751 W. Lowell St. in Tracy.  As a public service, the Tracy Press has organized candidate forums since the 1960s.

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  • John W.

    I’m looking forward to watching. Don’t know much about Andal. I’ll be voting for McNerney regardless but will still be very interested in the debate.

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    Andal is now talking about new energy. Don’t really know what that means as Dean is not on TV yet or maybe never. But Mcnerney is for for new sources of energy.
    Maybe we will find out during the debates.

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    I just watched a video on Andal’s website. In it he states that our national defense is being underfunded.
    Wow!! The last time I checked the dept. of defense was being funded on budget to the tune of 700 bilion dollars. That does not include the 12 billion a month we currently spend on the war on terror which is off budget. I am just wondering how much money he thinks the pentaon needs? Where is the money going to come from? this is typical of conservatives they expand governmentin ways they think are correct wand don’t find a way to pay for it.

  • RR

    Is he the Dr Dean you hear discussing vitamins on the radio?

  • Walter, GOP Livermore City-Chair

    Although my representative, Tauscher (CD-10) failed to listen to the people of her Congressional District and voted “Yes” on the bail-out! From what I hear, 50% of the people that called their representatives’ said, “No” and the other 50% said, “Hell-No!” McNerney may have also committed political-suicide, by voting “Yes” on the bail-out! When I called his office and expressed my concern about the bail-out, his secretary mentioned the hign number of calls flooding into his office in opposition to the bail-out. She said, “Conressman McNerney will not vote for a blank check bail-out.” Can someone tell me what the difference is between a blank check and a 700 billion dollar check?

    The federal government and the Federal Reserve are responsible for this mess with their excessive regulations, easy credit, and other money and market manipulation schemes. Yesterday’s rejection was a rejection of further worsening the problem with the same intervention that got us to this point.

    The market will have to adjust, and the nation will have to deal with the effects of what the government has brought upon us, but the answer is not to weaken the dollar, continue to sell our debt and national security to China and Saudi Arabia, and socialize what remains of the American free market.

    If credit is tight, I don’t feel that’s a bad thing. We the people and our government (local, state and federal) need to start living within our means.

    We need to stop printing money out of thin air… We need to bring our troops home… We need to address big government spending… We need to say, “Hell No” to Paulson, Bernanke, Bush, McCain, Obama, Pelosi, Frank, Tausher, McNerney and to the bail-out(s)!

    For those of you that called in, or wrote your Congressmen and voiced your opposition to the bail-out… You should all be very proud of yourselves! It worked! Great job!

    Check-out this video:

  • RR

    The people of CD 10 are more interested in voting for their favorite on “American Idol” than in anything Congress is dealing with.

  • Walter, GOP Livermore City-Chair

    I agree with you RR, but I think that interest extends beyond Congressional District 10!

  • John W.

    McNerney is one of the few Congressmen of either party in a competitive district who voted for the bill. I favored the bill and respect him for his vote in the face of ill-informed populist opposition. People think that this situation is no big deal just because the stock market recovered some of it’s losses Tuesday. The stock market is not the issue. It’s the global credit freeze-up that grows worse by the day. Imperfect as the Paulson plan may be, nobody came up with a better idea, other than just let the economy crash, let the runs on banks happen, and let the credit-worthy businesses (i.e., employers) who depend on short-term borrowing to cover payroll, stocking up on inventory in advance of sales etc. go belly-up.

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    Hey Walter GOP Yes it would be nice if the sun would always shine and the earth were flat. But your sort of root canal republicanism will never work. The fact that you even bothered to call Tauscher or McNerney is laughable. Do you really think they care anything at all about what you think? They do what they want and they let the Republicans complains fall on deaf ears. The short lived Republican revolution in Contra costa county has been over for years. Tauscher vanquished the regieme of Bill Baker and McNerney vanquished Richard Pombo. McNerney is the favorite to hold the seat. And conservative savior Dean Andal cannot win. He will lose in a narrowly. This will be the death for the far right in Contra Costa County. They will not hold office anywhere in the Bay Area. I mean sure there are Republicans in nonpartisan office but they are afraid to wear there GOP badges in public. Case in point. Contra Costa’s own Sarah Palin look alike Mary Piepho passed up a chance for Guy Houstons vacated seat to hold her nonpartisan seat. Smart politics on her part. The only chance for the GOP in the Bay Area is to elect Republican Abram Wilson to the 15th Assembly district. Wilson is really going to have to work hard because he opponent is raising loads of cash from all the usual suspects.
    Funny but has anyone heard from Andal about the Wall Street bail out? My email from him has been empty.

  • Walter, GOP Livermore City-Chair


    Although Tauscher is a liberal gun-grabber and McNerney is an open-border advocate, and they both support socialist bail-outs at the expense of the tax-payers, it’s still worth a call in my opinion.

    When Dianne Feinstein reports that out of 95,000 calls, letters and emails from California voters (in the past few days) 85,000 are strongly against the proposed bail-out, yet she still votes for it – I can understand your point. That doesn’t mean that we just give up though.

    I send letters and emails to these people all the time. For the most part, I find it worth my time. Plus, these people need to hear from, “We the People” as much as possible.

    I respectfully disagree with you on the Dean Andal/ Jerry McNerney race. Andal received more votes than McNerney in the Primary and we all know Republicans always have poor turn-out in Primary Elections. This one will be close. Dean Andal has told me personally that he will, “never cast a vote to raise our taxes.” For that reason, I would think he would be against the bail-out.

    The Wilson/Buchanan race will be close too and the November 4th General Election will be interesting, that’s for sure.

  • John W.

    Wilson/Buchanan is interesting. Although I’m a Democrat, I’m pretty much an independent when it comes to state and local offices. It’s about who can make the trains run on time. Fine job of that we’re doing here in California! Wilson has done a good job as mayor in San Ramon, where I live. And I’m not real fond of anybody who is the pocket of the public employee unions. However, once Wilson gets to Sacramento (if he does), his natural pragmatic approach to issues is likely to be squashed by “party discipline” imposed by the Taliban Republicans. He signed Grover Norquist’s “no tax” pledge, which bothers me. It’s not that I’m for more taxes. However, elected representatives should make their pledges to the voters, not to private groups such as Norquist’s. Until we get rid of the super-majority requirement for passing a budget (a move even McClintock seems to favor, for his own reasons), I’m not inclined to give the Reeps more votes in the Assembly. Wilson’s TV spot is a bit odd, showing him getting dressed. What’s that about? I’ve never been able to find out much about his non-mayor life — other than vague references to his investment banking career, his military service and his wife “Dr. Karen Wilson.” Not suggesting anything nefarious. I just like to know more about the people running for office.

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    Walter GOP,

    Thanks for the thoughtful response. If you want to spend your time contacting Democrats and trying to convice them to vote like conservatives, then go ahead.
    I don’t think that is a good use of time but you go man.

    As for Andal what else is he going to tell you. “Gee Walter I want your and I promise you I will raise taxes?” Please… He like all pols will say what it takes to get elected. What you should ask him is what will he do about earmarks? Will he let the fact that he is letting the Republican Congressional leadership (check todays fund raiser)from DC influence him. Don’t you think they will call in their chits when they need a vote on a bill. Do you really think that freshman Andal can stand up to the pressure they will put on him any more than 7 term Richard Pombo did? I wish we would have had a competitave primary and we could have sent a pitbull instead of John Boehner’s poodle to take on McNerny.

    You point about the Andal getting more votes is interesting. Rememeber that McNerny was running without opposition. Or any real opposition. And he also won in 2006 with a lot of crossover Republicans and decline to states who can’t vote in a Democrat primary. So you have to wonder what Republicans are going to defect. My guess is the conservatives via the Sarah Palin effect will come home. But are there enough of them to make a difference. The registration is even less favorable than in 2006. With the GOP stock so low I would guess it is the moderate Republicans who will not want to send the ultra conservative Andal to DC. The other question is what about the growing number of Decline to state voters. I would think they are not excited to send another verson of baker/pombo to replace McNerny. The anger to replace him just is not there like it was in 2006 against Pombo.

    And finally is Andal going to raise any money? I saw where he finally got 800k cash on hand. McNerny must have close to 2 million cash on hand. Plus his party has the money and is willing spend what it takes. While the congressional republican campaign comittee is cash starved.

    It will be very exciting to see how it all works out!

  • RR

    One of FDR’s complaints in the 1932 race was that Hoover spent too much of the taxpayers’ hard-earned money! It’s even harder to take Andal seriously. If he’s elected, he has to work in DC, not Stockton.

  • Walter, GOP Livermore City-Chair


    Great points! Maybe we should start giving odds and holding bets? I’m willing to take a chance with Andal pulling the upset win over the liberal! I may sound like a big risk-taker, but there’s always that “bail-out” option… Right?

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    Walter, GOP

    Giving odds would be great!
    Maybe McNerny will be like those 1994 GOP freshman that got beat in 1996.

    Well “that is why they play the games.”

  • Michael Giton


    Bailout Pork (150b) – if its so important

    Why not use the FDIC (regulated and with oversight) to save credit markets?

    Executive Compensation is a sham. There are no limits.
    It only gets rid of tax deduction (Corp wont pay anyway), and loopholes you could drive a brinks truck through.

    More bailout money needed after elections just the beginning.

    How are we to pay for bailout?