Politics and condoms go together like bread and butter

WWW.Practicesafepolicy.com introduces its Sarah Palin condom

WWW.Practicesafepolicy.com introduces its Sarah Palin condom

Capitalism and elections go together like, well, sex and birth control.

A New York company that calls itself Practice Safe Policy has added a new product to its political line, the hockey-mom-approved Sarah Palin condom. You can also buy Obama and McCain versions. Buy a collector pack of all three for only $12.95. (This is definitely cheaper than actual children.)

I don’t know. Call me a hopeless romantic but the presidential and vice presidential wrestling match over healthcare plans, federal bailouts and the war on terror doesn’t exactly make me want to call up my husband and schedule a wine-candlelight-roses rendezvous.

Nonetheless, if campaigning floats your boat, read more for the press release from the company.

Safe Political Fun From the Land of the Midnight Sun
Practice Safe Policy Adds Palin Condoms To Their Line of Political Prophylactics

Practice Safe Policy, the nation’s first brand devoted to showcasing the indecent relations between politics and sex, has added PALIN CONDOMS to its collection of intimate, yet topical novelty products.

Now that Senator John McCain has chosen the experienced Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his (running) mate, the salacious capitalists at Practice Safe Policy decided that it was time for the people of this great nation to forget about minor concerns like government bailouts, the war in Iraq or healthcare and instead focus on the truly important issue of the day: Practicing Safe Policy in the bedroom.  PALIN CONDOMS are the perfect addition to OBAMA CONDOMS and MCCAIN CONDOMS, both of which were designed so Americans could take their favorite candidates out of the living room and into the bedroom…where the real game of politics is played.

“PALIN CONDOMS reminds us just how important the right choice really is,” said Benjamin Sherman, Founder of Practice Safe Policy. “This election cycle has been too serious, we decided to have a little fun. We want to stress to voters, young and old, that no matter which party they support, be sure to support PALIN CONDOMS at your next party.”

Practicing Safe Policy has never been easier with PALIN CONDOMS which are hockey mom-approved*.  Bristol from Alaska says, “I wish I had used one of these!” Also, Levi from Alaska added “Me too!” And John from Arizona says, “PALIN CONDOMS were just what I needed to make me feel like the young guy in the spotlight again!”

These limited edition condoms are available exclusively online through the Practice Safe Policy web site www.practicesafepolicy.com

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  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    This would be fantastic except Palin’s brand of conservatism does not support contraception. To her sex is for making babies and that is it. A rather dated view of sex. But the condum is really funny!!

  • jebear

    “Limbaugh is an attention whore” Too bad your head is up your ass Josh! – Let’s be fair and also comment on all the MSM people who for years have used as bad of words including the “c” work about Palin and such. You did not listen to Limbaugh’s actual show – you just picked out what you heard from the MSM. At least Limbaugh make you think and you are free to agree or not. You just write complete BS with no substance or facts? You should have written about the real issue of the government trying to tell us what we should do and think. I will not pay for someone’s contraception or condoms. That is my choice not yours!
    My next letter is to cancel the Valley Times. What a horrible piece of toilet paper it has become and 90% on the contributors are what you use toilet paper for.