McNerney and Andal to debate on Saturday

Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton and Republican challenger Dean Andal of Stockton will take the stage together on Oct. 11 for their much-awaited first face-to-face debate of the campaign.

The event is part of the Tracy Press’ traditional candidate debate series, which will include questions from the audience.

The event is open to the public.

It begins at 7 p.m., Oct. 11, at Monte Vista Middle School, 751 W. Lowell Ave., in Tracy. The evening also features state Assembly and Senate candidates.

Andal has pressed McNerney repeatedly throughout the campaign for debates but incumbents rarely see much advantage in such meetings.

McNerney had agreed to participate with Andal in a scheduled, televised roundtable on Oct. 3 sponsored by the Contra Costa Times and the League of Women Voters but it was cancelled due to that day’s House vote on the federal bailout bill.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    This is do or die for Andal he has to hit a homerun or he is dead.

  • I’ve spoken with both Andal and McNerney, in person and I’d say Dean Andal has the upper-hand in this type of arena.

    I hope the audience grills McNerney for his support of the unconstitutional Bail-Out!

    If Dean comes out on top, it will be big for his campaign! Timing is everything and there’s less than a month left!

  • Rewgolfer

    If I was Andal I would drill McNerney on what kind of job he had before he became Congressman. I heard he was a “consultant” which is what people often say when they don’t have a job. Andal should ask him specifically who he was “consulting” for before he was elected to the House. Given the current economic crisis, we can’t have people in Congress who wern’t clever enough to get a job before they got elected. If McNerney was out of work, the voters need to know this, I think. The stakes are really starting to get high in DC these days, so we need the best people.

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    McNerny just has to hold his own or break even. The pressure is on Andal. He has one chance to get his
    you-tube moment. McNerny will be flooding the Airways, cableboxes and the Mailboxes with all the cash he has.

    I read the otherday on opensecrets.com that Andals biggest group of contributers are the DC Republican reelection pacs. So my question is if the bad guys (meaning DC Republicans) are financing Andal how is he going to be any better than Pombo? Or for that matter an independent voice from the big spending republicans we have now?

    i am still undecided as a voter.

  • There are plenty of questions for both candidates to answer.

    Taxes: Andal has never voted for a tax increase. McNerney has voted to raise our taxes time and time again.

    Energy: Andal is for domestic drilling and nuclear energy. McNerney is against both!

    Earmarks: Andal is against them. McNerney received a campaign contribution of $2,000 from EDO Corp. Two days later, McNerney earmarked $1 million for them and after the bill was passed, he received another campaign contribution for $8,500!

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    All true Walter But lets get Andal on record saying he will oppose the the DC GOP congressional leadership on spending bills. It is not enough to report McNerny’s record. we know what to expect from him.

    I don’t want to elect another DC Republican to office. I think we need more independent thinking. And if the DC GOP leadership is funding his campaign you can bet they will call in their chits when the need a vote on a bill. Again get him on record. it may save his campaign.

  • Freak_of_the_Far_Right,

    You should come to the debate with us! Nothing like asking questions in person! Would love to have you with us!


  • Freak_of_the_Far_Right

    I would love to but I am booked that night.

  • RR

    Fellas, unless Andal comes across like Ronald Reagan, he’ll end up as a bug on McNerney’s windshield come November.

  • Freak_of_the_far_right

    Andal is done. He will track McCain’s fortunes in the Golden State. The only hope for the GOP in the Bay Area is the Abraham Wilson’s AD15 race. The state GOP just dumped $475,000 into Wilson’s campaign. I think they want to hold the seat.

  • Well folks, I just got back from the Dean Andal vs. Jerry “Yes on the Bail-Out” McNerney debate! I would have to say that Dean did well, and won the debate. Dean called Jerry out on his voting record in Congress, and at one point Jerry even turned a little red in the face! Dean also challenged Jerry to another debate, but Jerry did not give it a green light! One thing that Jerry managed to do though was… bus in a bunch of liberals from S.F. and Berkeley to hold his signs.