Discovery Bay CSD debate on-line

Click here to watch a video of Monday night’s forum of the four candidates for the Discovery Bay Community Services.

Four people are running for two seats including incumbent Bob Doran and challengers Jen Finnetti, Ray Tetreault and Mark Simon.

Finnetti’s husband shot the video and other than a brief period when he changed tapes, it is an entact version of evening at a Discovery Bay school, which I moderated.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Lowell Thomas

    This is not an intact version, IT HAS BEEN EDITED!!! The first two minutes of Mr. Doran’s opening remarks (the part were he mumbled and fumbled and was not able to turn on his microphone) has been deleted. Apparently Mrs. Finetti’s husband did not want his wife’s 74-year-old running mate to look senile.

  • Actually, Mr. Thomas is correct – my husband did edit out the very beginning of the debate wherein it was discovered that one of the microphones supplied by the school did not work. And I communicated this in an email to Lisa as well as all 4 candidates when I asked for permission to post and publicize the debate. Lisa chose not to mention this in her blog which was her choice and NOT an omission by myself or my husband, or of Bob Doran. Let’s be real here: Bob Doran happened to be the first candidate who was asked a question, and he was the first one to use the mic; I want to also note that Mark Simon also had difficulty using the other mic as he couldn’t figure out how to turn it on, and this portion was ALSO edited out. It is unfair to characterize Bob Doran as “old” simply because the equipment didn’t work – and to imply that he is senile is ridiculous. Anyone who attended that event could see that Bob has a grasp of the issues; whether or not you like his answers (or anyone else’s) will of course dictate how you vote on November 4th. The organizers of the event were the Discovery Bay Residents for Responsible Government, and they were the ones responsible for set-up as well as testing of the equipment, so they should be faulted for it not working correctly. Let’s stop the name-calling and mud-slinging as well as inaccurate information and instead focus on the issues and what is best for Discovery Bay.

  • Mr. Thomas’s comments are not only insulting, but also juvenile. Mr. Thomas also doesn’t have the mental ability to understand that Mr. Doran and Ms. Finetti aren’t running on a Slate. Nice way to show you’re half-wit, Lowell.

    Mr. Doran may be old, he may appear to be sleeping at times, but his thought process is strong and his intellect is something you might want to strive for in the future, Lowell. You might want to want to stick to attacking the character of others, Lowell; Bob Doran is way out of your league.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Good grief. I affectionately refer to Discovery Bay as “Drama Bay” and this is why.

    I didn’t post the entirety of Ms. Finetti’s initial email to me and the other candidates because it didn’t occur to me that folks would be so suspicious. I am also not in the habit of posting emails that people send to me because I don’t want folks to fear that their words will automatically end up online without any further discussion. (I always reserve the right to do it, though!)

    I can confirm that the microphone was not working and Mr. Doran, who drew the No. 1 speaking position, was in the unenviable position of being the person who struggled with it.

    Editing out these moments was entirely appropriate. The comments about Mr. Doran’s age are cruel and mean-spirited.

    For those who are interested, here is Ms. Finetti’s email of Tuesday. From her comments above, I believe she would like to see them posted:

    Mark, Ray, Bob and Lisa,

    My husband has posted a streaming video of last night’s debate, and I wanted to link you all to it:


    I think we all came off very well last night, and I think it would be beneficial to the entire community if we allowed this link to be publicized to the community so that all who were unable to attend can view the debate if they like. What do you think? If you are okay with this, I suggest that we let Lisa and Ruth Roberts both publicize the link, and that we also publicize the link on our candidates’ websites, in printed material as appropriate, etc. Of course, other websites/media may pick up the link and publicize it too. Please confirm that you are okay with this and/or if you are not, let me know that as well.

    So you are aware and in the interest of disclosure, Chris only edited out the microphone technical difficulties at the beginning; there is also a moment where he had to change tapes so we miss Lisa asking one of the questions but we do get to hear all candidates’ answers to that question. Other than those 2 things, the video is an exact capture of last night’s event.



  • Lisa,

    Thanks for posting my email in entirety – much appreciated:) For everyone’s benefit, I did receive approval from the candidates for the debate link to be publicized.

    I also wanted to post some additional thoughts:

    I feel that Monday’s Candidates’ Forum went well for all candidates, and that each of us was able to put forth our perspectives on the issues as well as our approach for solutions. I honestly don’t understand what all of the anger and mudslinging is all about. I think that each of the 4 candidates care about Discovery Bay, and that each of us feels our perspective and approach is valid. Frankly, I think that all of the negative comments on blogs, in the media and on printed election materials is not only a distraction from what is important, but also that this negativity hurts our community as a whole.

    I personally do not support use of negative attacks and don’t want my supporters to attack the opposition either – I think it is wrong and unproductive. And if I say nothing to stop such behavior, it makes ME look bad. As such, let me make it perfectly clear: I do not want my supporters posting or publicizing inflammatory, offensive remarks about the opposition. I am strong and can speak for myself, and feel that my printed materials and the debates and candidate forums have offered me ample opportunity to present my views. Therefore, I do not need the “help” of inflammatory remarks made by supporters.

    I hope that Mark Simon and Ray Tetreault will insist that their supporters also refrain from such behavior as it is unbecoming to a candidate, unbecoming to their supporters and unbecoming to the community that we care about.