Cup check! Watch those 7-Eleven election coffee cups

Halfway through the day yesterday, I looked down at my coffee cup and noticed it said “McCain.”


I bought it at 7-Eleven that morning and in my Monday morning stupor, I never even looked at the cup.

This will not do. I’m an unbiased reporter. I cannot wander around town carrying a “McCain” cup.

I returned this morning to the quick mart to check it out and learned that my neighborhood 7-Eleven in Martinez is participating in “7-Election,” a marketing ploy that carries an interesting twist: The company records your choice of cup as a vote for the candidate and reports the results on its website, www.7-election.com.

The company says its customers have correctly predicted the outcome of the last two presidential elections, including President George W. Bush over Al Gore by one percentage point in 2000 and the president again in 2008, this time in his campaign against John Kerry, by two percentage points.

As I wrote this, Barack Obama was beating McCain among coffee-cup buyers 59 to 41 percent. (Sorry, no Ralph Nader cups.)

In case anyone should ask, I bought an Obama cup this morning to cancel out my vote for McCain yesterday. Check out my videoblog below.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Well, Lisa, being a fellow coffeeholic I guess I’m going to have to go and get a cup of coffee at my local 7-11.

    Wanna guess which cup I’m gong to grab 🙂 ?

  • ranti

    I think you have a bigger problem!You my dear are a classic”closet” republican!That was a freuden slip.Being a reporter you cannot afford to admit it. you are part of the liberal media.Or maybe deep inside you just can`t vote for a black man.A grumpy old white man ,like MCCAIN may be your cup of tea!

  • Arne, I will pay for your cup of coffee if you let me buy you an OBAMA CUP! You know what they say:”Try it you’ll like it.”

  • I’m not proud, as long as it is coffee (I don’t go for the Kool-Aid) 🙂

  • Ranti, I don’t thing Lisa drinks tea 🙂 I’ve never really seen any bias one way or the other in Lisa’s writings – she just likes to poke fun at politicians on both sides of the aisle 🙂

    With politics these days, Lisa, Letterman and Leno will have sufficient material to keep them busy for decades (so much for retirement, Lisa).

  • True Blue Voter

    Your correct to say there must be something in the water in Antioch. Just like the ‘serious’ write-in mentioned earlier, I know a guy that’s running for treasurer and when asked why?, he said he thought he’d give it a shot. Plus he hasn’t voted in years!!! That’s apathy, not passion. Shouldn’t you be required to be a voter to get elected? I don’t want him handling my money.