Esquire magazine endorses Gerber over Tauscher

Esquire magazine cover

Esquire magazine cover

I confess, when I first heard this news, I thought, “What does Esquire magazine have against Rep. Ellen Tauscher?”

The magazine released its 2008 endorsement recommendations for California and it chose long-shot Republican challenger Nick Gerber over incumbent Democratic Rep. Tauscher. Here’s what the magazine said:

Tauscher seems often to be caught between her Wall Street background and her party’s policy goals. It leads to friction in Washington and at home. Her opponent, successful investor Nicholas Gerber, blends the district’s liberal and entrepreneurial values.
Esquire endorses: Gerber

“Liberal and entrepreneurial” values?

Okay, entrepreneurial is probably accurate. I have no reason to question Gerber’s professional background.

But liberal? True, he’s  pro-choice but he is also a former Libertarian.

Nick Gerber

Nick Gerber

I seriously doubt that liberals in this heavily Democratic district who chafe at some of Tauscher’s moderate positions will find Gerber an acceptable alternative. If you are curious about his positions, you can read them on the issues page of his website.

I have no idea what information Esquire used to make its endorsement decision. Gerber says the magazine never contacted him.

The magazine also named two Californians among its choices for top 10 worst members of Congress –Democrat reps. Pete Stark of Fremont and Joe Baca of San Bernardino.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Tom

    Well, he certainly supports entrepreneurs in the robocall business!

    I do like their list of ten worst congresspeople. I’m sure any random citizen out of their districts’ phonebooks would serve more honorably than any o fthose clowns.

  • I’m in CD10, and there’s no way that I’m voting for Tauscher. Esquire magazine got it right pointing out her ties to Wall Street. I’m not supporting any candidate that voted for the unconstitutional Bail-Out(s).

    I’m curious to know how Mr. Gerber feels about preserving the free-market with socialism? Would you have voted for the Bail-Out(s), Mr. Gerber? I’m already questioning your 2nd Amendment stance beacause your website points out that you think “all smoking and guns should be outlawed.” Being a former Libertarian, your restrictive anti-rights position regarding gun-rights seems a bit odd to me. Your website also points out that your personal (2nd Amendment) beliefs “conflict with the proper role of Government.” I can only wonder when the first anti-gun legislation lands on your desk… Will you cave in to the pressure from the left, since your personal beliefs conflict with the words in the 2nd Amendment that read, “Shall Not Be Infringed,” or will you stay true to your oath of office and let the Constitution be your guide?

  • Elwood

    I’m really disappointed that Contra Costa’s own beloved George Miller was not included in the 10 worst members of Congress.

  • Nicholas, I am very disturbed with you stated personal positions on smoking and firearms. You are a former Libertarian and this flies directly in the face of what libertarianism stands for: personal freedom!

    Even worse, your personal position to outlaw all firearms is in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights and that of the Republican Platform.

    While I applaud your free-enterprise stance, I’m afraid you have lost my vote as a Republican, member of the NRA and a smoker.

  • Alex

    The guy sounds loopy. Besides, only a complete tool campaigns via robocall. I could care less about Tauscher but my loathing for Gerber gets stronger by the phone call.

  • Ted Ford

    nick: the robocalls are a turn-off.

  • Arne Simonsen, Now that was a good comment! I found out that Gerber opposes the unconstitutional, socialist bailout from reading the local Independent Newspaper. I was happy to hear that, however, the weak stance on the 2nd Amendment that Gerber takes is at odds with both the Libertarian Party platform, as well as the Republican Party platform. I use the 2nd Amendment as a barometer to get a feel for candidates running for office. If they’re “ANTI-GUN” than they’re “ANTI-RIGHTS!”

  • Walter, you are correct. If a candidate does not support all 10 Amendments of the Bill of Rights, then I have a problem.

    If a candidate is against one of the Amendments, then they are against the Bill of Rights in their entirety!

    Republicans, Libertarians and American Independents should be very concerned right here in California with Jim Wunderman of the Bay Area Council calling for a California Constitutional Convention that would totally rewrite the State Constitution. Considering which party is in control, one can only imagine which direction it would take.