Yard sign in Pleasant Hill raises eyebrows

Judge for yourself: Does this sign leave you with the impression that the Pleasant Hill police department supports council candidates David Durant, Karen Mitchoff and John Hanacak?

It did not. But it is darned tough to read the logo on this sign as you whiz by in your car.

The Pleasant Hill Police Officers Association — the union — has endorsed these candidates over the other two challengers, Keith Hunt and Bruce Weissenberger. It was a particularly tough blow for Hunt, who is a former Pleasant Hill police officer.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • W.D. ‘Bill’ Landis

    What the Pleasant Hill Police Officers Association has done this year for the first time ever, is to not only endorsed three candidates after interviewing them, but put the POAs name out there on there own signs with their choices for council. I applaud there actions for
    taking part in the process and for standing up for who they beleive will do the best job fot all residents of our City. I take my hat off to all these officers for their time and efforts on our behalf. Well Done

  • Does that mean Mr. Landis that you agree with the Pleasant Hill Police Officers Association and also endorse the three candidates shown on their sign?