Democrat Buchanan earns GOP Stockton mayor’s nod

Joan Buchanan

Joan Buchanan

Abram Wilson

Abram Wilson

If we needed yet another sign that San Joaquin County has officially joined the Bay Area, then this is it: GOP Stockton Mayor Ed Chavez has endorsed Democratic Assembly District 15 candidate Joan Buchanan over Republican nominee and fellow mayor Abram Wilson of San Ramon.

Chavez also recently endorsed Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton over Republican challenger and his Stockton neighbor Dean Andal.

Granted, Chavez used to be a Democrat and critics say changed parties in order to win the mayor’s seat. But still, what is going on in the Valley?

Read more for Buchanan’s press release sent this morning:

San Ramon, CA – Democratic Assembly candidate Joan Buchanan today announced that she has won the endorsement of Stockton Mayor Ed Chavez, a Republican.  The announcement highlights Buchanan’s ability to work across the aisle to achieve real results.

“If there’s one thing we need in the legislature its practical problem solvers.  Joan Buchanan has successfully worked with Republicans and Democrats to get things done.  She’s exactly what we need,” said Chavez.  “I am honored to have Mayor Chavez’s support.  We share a desire to get rid of the “us versus them” mentality.  We are focused on how to get the job done,” said Buchanan.  Buchanan has built a broad coalition of support unusual for any candidate for Assembly including the California Medical Association, California Small Business Association, California Professional Firefighters, California Teachers Association, California Nurses Association, California League of Conservation Voters, and the Peace Officers Research Association.  Buchanan, a four-time President of the San Ramon Valley Unified School Board, turned the once-struggling district into one that is top ranked.  Prior to her school board service, Joan was one of the youngest women executives at Delta Dental where she honed her financial and organizational skills.  She’s been a San Ramon Valley resident for 25 years.  Currently held by Republican Guy Houston, the 15th Assembly District is one of the most competitive districts in California.  It includes the cities of San Ramon, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Danville, Brentwood, Livermore, and a part of Pleasanton, as well as portions of the Sacramento Delta communities of Stockton, Galt, and Elk Grove.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Janine De La Vega

    I thought I saw that Mayor Wilson has several endorsements from independents and democrats – way more than the competitor – so why aren’t those being posted the same way as Chavez? I think he endorsed Richard Rao in the primary.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Endorsements in and of themselves are not news. Every candidate receives endorsements.

    I thought this was interesting because of Chavez’ background as a former Democrat.

  • Annie B

    Maybe Chavez got Wilson’s robocall. People really hate those you know.

  • Truthclubber

    If we needed yet another sign that Lisa Vorderbrueggen has officially joined the “Ellen Tauscher Suck Up Club”, then this is it: Supposedly non-partisan (and formerly ethical) Lisa Vorderbrueggen has totally pimped (aka “gone into the tank for”) Democratic Assembly District 15 candidate Joan Buchanan (and the latest in what are sure to be a string of losing Tauscher proteges) over Republican nominee and fellow mayor Abram Wilson of San Ramon, by actively choosing to promote this piece of fluff over more impactful news, such as Wilson’s receiving the endorsement of Vorderbrueggen’s own (current) employer, the Contra Costa Times (http://www.contracostatimes.com/search/ci_10738648?IADDID), as well as the major newspaper for Stockton, the Stockton Record.

    Vorderbrueggen also recently saw fit to blatantly ignore the statements of fact made by Wilson to her face (as well as to others in the room at the time) about Buchanan’s endorsement of a peripheral canal, despite the fact that Buchanan is on frigging videotape (http://www.youtube.com/doubletalkbuchanan) stating that she (Buchanan) feels that the Delta “would benefit from…a peripheral canal.”

    Granted, Vorderbrueggen used to be a journalist and critics say changed ethical standards in order to win favor with the Tauscher coterie. But still, what is going on in the chambers of the CoCo Times, given that other local political blogs (http://halfwaytoconcord.com/tag/ad-15) dare to carry this much more substantial, as well as more balanced and fair news affecting all readers in this area?

    Given that Wilson’s campaign is eager to put before the public all of the various ways and claims it is making against this lover of shipping yet more NorCal water to LaLa Land (http://www.wilsonforassembly.com/multimedia.htm) and Buchanan merely chooses to whine about Wilson’s attacking her positions instead of showing us (as Wilson is, every day, right on his web site) what supposed dirt she is shoveling herself, each candidate’s command of, and respect for full disclosure (or lack thereof) says volumes about each would-be Assembly member’ claim to be a true and honest broker on behalf of his or her constituents.

  • No real Republican would endorse McNerney over Andal or Buchanan over Wilson! I’d question the Mayor’s real allegiance.

    On the topic of Buchanan… I’d question what kind of representation she would provide for the 15th Assembly District since she doesn’t respond to questions regarding her platform. Seems that she would like to shy away from the real issues, as opposed to dealing with them head on.

    Doesn’t sound like good leadership to me… and I’m from the 15th Assembly District.


  • As the Chair of the Delta Protection Commission and having spent the past 20+ months on the Governor’s Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Forces’ 43-member Stakeholders Coordination Group (one of only 3 elected officials), I am very disturbed by AD-15 candidate Joan Buchanan’s support for a peripheral canal (codenamed “dual conveyance”).

    Drawing water off the Sacramento River north of Hood and sending it around the Delta in an “isolated facility” (another codename for the peripheral canal) will only result in greater saltwater intrusion into the Delta.

    Clearly AD-15 candidate Abram Wilson understands this which is why I have endorsed Abram Wilson for State Assembly.

    Apparently Joan Buchanan will be representing Southern California interests and not those of the 15th Assembly District, which includes a good portion of the Delta.

  • Truthclubber, if you need to smear and make accusatory remarks regarding a journalist who works hard and does an excellent job of reporting the political news it clearly shows that your judgement is lacking any ethical or substance in order to try and justify your endorsement of your candidate. If your candidate was so outstanding you wouldn’t need to try and berate someone else to make your point. Look in the mirror and find your own true self worth, if any.