Women strips off Obama shirt in Contra Costa election office

Rgistrar of Voters Steve Weir

Registrar of Voters Steve Weir

Unruly pro-Obama voters invaded the Contra Costa election office in Martinez late this afternoon, including a well-endowed woman who stripped off her Obama tank top in the lobby.

It’s illegal campaign within 100 feet from where people are voting and the county elections office is now open for early voting.

Registrar of Voters Steve Weir approached the women and advised them of the rules and asked them to remove the offending pro-Obama items or he would be forced to call the police.

One woman refused to remove her Obama button and voted anyway, Weir said. A second woman partially covered her Obama shirt with her purse.

But a third took off her Obama tank top to reveal a lovely tan-colored bra, Weir said.  She reversed the shirt and put it back on inside out right there in the the middle of the election office.

“She was stunning,” said Weir, a gay man who recently married his longtime partner in the county’s first same-sex marriage ceremony. “I can say that, can’t I?”

The women were also carrying digital and video cameras, also in violation of the law. It is illegal to bring a camera or recording device into the voting booth and take pictures or videos of people voting. (I’ll be watching YouTube to see if this shows up.)

Weir ended up calling the Martinez police. The police warned the women but didn’t arrest them. And they were all allowed to vote.

“We don’t want to stop anyone from voting but this group clearly came with the intention to cause a disruption and that’s not a good idea,” Weir said.

On the other hand, the disrobing does put Weir in the the running for the informal, annual Butte County award, the site of the first recorded incident in which a woman took off her shirt in a voting precinct.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Freddie Oakley

    Well done, Mr. Weir! I’m proud of you for winning the award. Now I can’t win it. You really do define what it takes to be a great civil servant.

  • Ken Hambrick

    These women should have been arrested and not allowed to vote. I don’t care what candidate idiots like this are supporting. Maybe a night in jail would help them wake up.

    If we have a law about this, then it should be enforced. This type of person won’t learn a thing with Weir and police “talking to them”. Idiots don’t ever get the point through dialog.

  • Since it is Weir who is the County Clerk and dealt with the situation in a way he thought necessary its not for Mr. Hambrick to say what he should have done.

  • steve weir

    After admonishing the people involved, I did call the police. The main antigonist thanked me for calling the police. I was successful in getting her to leave the area where voting was taking place. As I sat outside waiting for the police, she continued to threaten me with a law suit. However, when she realized that I had actually called the police, she disappeared even though I invited her to stay and give her side to the police.

    IF any video or photos of this incident show up, I will ask the DA to pursue felony charges as conspiracy to photograph voters or voters coming and going is a felony.

    My job was and is to minimize the disturbance and to move it out of the area where people are voting.

    There has been “chatter” in the internet about people being denied voting rights and I believe that these fine folks were determined to provoking such a denial and to catch it on video. Shame.

  • BGR

    looks like Mr Hambrick had a good point after after all despite the call to minimize his comment.

  • Good for you, Steve but I think you lost in the point count, my friend. You made your point but she two.

  • Butch

    Next time Mr. Hambrick tries to talk his way out of a speeding ticket or California stop, I hope he enjoys the same fate he wished on these people.

    Mr. Weir’s reasoned approach is entirely appropriate and he deserves kudos.

    Congratulations to the newlyweds, too.

  • Mostlty Oddstuff

    Steve thanks for titillating comments. Keep up the good work.

  • Well done, Steve. You handled the situation very diplomatically, as you have every other situation that has been thrown your way. We’re proud to have you as our County Clerk.

  • Danvilledan

    I don’t think that Mr. Weir’s sexual orientation matters to anyone with regards to this story
    Thank you

  • Had I not known the rules, I would have definitely done the same thing! Hilarious! BARACK THE VOTE BABY!

  • Chiara

    Well done Mr. Weir. Though I think these women should have been allowed to vote AND then be arrested for what they did, causing a scene as well as violating the rules in an election office. Electioneering is not permitted at the polls and the election office. I worked the polls and we had to ask a few to remove their buttons, cover up their shirts, etc. One voter revealed her button after she voted at our polling place. We promptly advised her of the rules and asked her to leave. She told us to remember this particular candidate’s face. Fine, I thought to myself. Whatever. I said to this woman, “Thank you very much. Bub-bye. Bub-bye.” And continued saying “Bub-bye until she finally left. I know she was quite happy as to how the voters made their choice.