Dogs and their humans unite for Obama in Richmond

Metro Dog co-owner Diane Livoti with Bark for Barack poster (Photo by Kristopher Skinner/Contra Costa Times)

Metro Dog co-owner Diane Livoti with "Bark for Barack" poster (Photo by Kristopher Skinner/Contra Costa Times)

Your pooch cannot vote for president. Not legally, anyway.

But the humans at Metro Dog, a Richmond doggie daycare and boarding center also known as “Disneyland for Dogs,” found a way to get out the bark for Barack Obama.

Get it? “Get out the bark!” instead of “Get out the vote!”

Okay, it’s a stinky joke.

But this is a really cool poster.

Emily Jan of Timbuktu Designs styled the vivid artwork titled “Bark for Barack” after an early 1900s Alexander Rodchenko Russian literacy poster.

The poster features a regal greyhound, which probably wasn’t Metro Dog regular and Burmese Mountain Dog Tomas’ first choice. (His human, after all, coined the phrase “Bark for Barack” for the poster.)

Pet lovers are displaying it all over the East Bay, including the Oakland Zoo.

Bark for Barack poster

"Bark for Barack" poster

Hundreds of copies of the image have been downloaded from all over the nation at their web site, www.ObamaDogsUnite.com.

Metro Dog co-owners Diane Livoti and Alison Smith have raised more than $2,000 for Obama’s campaign through sales of the poster although they long ago exhausted their one and only order of 500 prints.

The only place to obtain it now is a download from their web site, where they ask for a $5 campaign donation in return for use of the image.

In the interest of fairness, I asked Livoti to arrange a paw-wow with the Republican pups in her fine establishment.

Surely, there must be some toothy growling over this flagrant bias against their candidate John McCain?


There are no Republican dogs here.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Nice to see that they’ve acknowledged that the country will “go to the dogs” if these folks get their way on November 4th.

  • This is the best poster I have seen, Arne your comments are insulting to dogs!! If you want to voice your opinion about Republicans loosing the Presidential race than complain about the 8 years of George W who got us all in this mess and the loss of our retirement funds. However, not one dog had any thing to do with his incompetence. In fact, had he an advisor of the canine persuasion perhaps we would be in much better shape. Everyone knows dogs are more intelligent than Republicans.

  • Hypocriticalyes, you’ve got to lighten up! I can assure you that my Border Collies are smarter than any presidential candidate of any party :)And, they can catch a Frisbee on the fly 🙂