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Minutemen call the election

By Josh Richman
Monday, November 3rd, 2008 at 11:10 am in Barack Obama, Elections.

I guess the Golden Gate Minutemen sense which way the wind is blowing; they’re planning their post-Obama-victory protest for Wednesday. Somehow, I feel as if the misspellings (“Barak?” And your own URL? For real?) make this news release even better, as if the prospect of all those “gay socialist judges” wasn’t enough…

In case of an Obama Victory…
Minutemen Protest Barak Hussien Obama!
stop euro-socialism

= ‘Spreading the Wealth’
= Civil Security Force
= Global Poverty tax
= Amnesty
= ACORN election fraud
= Gay Socialist Judges

Protest Corner
NOV. 5th
Fremont, CA
Mowry/Fremont Blvd. intersection
4:45pm to 5:45pm
(510) 355 – 0357

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  • charles

    Should have beeen “pro-death” socialist judges, since the gay movement is part of a wider phenomena opposed to the family, children, and marriage, i.e, “life”. Gayness is sterility and often sickness.

    The Gay agenda is anathema to liberty and life, and is directly tied to socialism. By dissolving the roots of family, it dissolves the natural government of man. When institutions of natural government crumble– be it family or church– the state steps in to fill the void. The weakening of the traditional family unit thus leads toward bigger and more intrusive government, i.e., giving grounds for greater socialism.

    yes, we can expect more judges with a socialist mindset, who have no trouble with wide interpretation of 14th amendment and commerce clauses. But we can also expect more pro-death judges like 9th circuit which outlawed the voice of the people when gay marriage was voted on by the ballot two years ago.

    so none of these things are inconsistent, but they do take a bit of explaining.

    Pro-death judges would have been more clear.