AP lists Rep. George Miller as possible labor secretary

Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez

Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez

An Associated Press story (click here) lists Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, as one of the people under consideration for labor secretary in Barack Obama’s new administration.

Miller’s name has also come up as a potential education and interior secretary.

I talked to Miller two days ago about his interest in cabinet appointments and he emphatically says he has no plans to leave Congress, where he is the chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee and one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s top advisers.

One never says never in politics, of course.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Concerned Citizen

    Great one socialist (communist) for another.

  • Wondering

    Who would be in line for his seat if he took a cabinet post?

  • Rew

    Miller won’t be leaving his safe congressional seat anytime soon, he’s obviously planning a 50 year term in office. He’s hit the 33 year mark, so we’ve got a ways to go. The reason why I recently voted for Prop 11 is because I oppose gerrymandered districts. In this situation politicans become permanent office holders – like Miller – and they pick out the voters they want to represent every 10 years. Miller’s seat belongs to the poeple, not Miller, but he’s gerrymandered the district to the point where you can’t vote him out. This way he can vote anyway he wants to, and he doesn’t have to answer to the people, he only answers to the people he picked out. Sadly, Prop 11 didn’t apply to congressman.