Obama wins every Contra Costa city

Okay, this is wonky statistic but it struck me as interesting: Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama won in every single Contra Costa County city, according to the preliminary vote summary from Contra Costa County Elections Division.

Compare that with 2004 when GOP President George Bush won in Brentwood, Clayton and Danville. Obama appears to have won in these three traditionally Republican leaning cities by substantial margins of 12 to 15 percentage points.

If you are real political addict, click here and download my spreadsheet showing total votes cast in 2004 and 2004 for each city for Barack Obama and John McCain, and George Bush and John Kerry.

I didn’t go back to prior years. Does anyone recall whether or not any other presidential candidates won in every city in Contra Costa County?

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • George

    “When you believe anything, you stand for nothing” ~ WC resident

  • RR

    As the adage says: “As Clayton goes, so goes Brentwood.”

  • Tom

    Your spreadsheet shows fewer total votes in 2008 than in 2004 for a number of cities (e.g. Danville) which is somewhat implausible (like Alaska!) and suggests some absentee, provisional, etc. ballots were not yet included. You might want to revisit with the final numbers.

    Most interesting statewide statistic to me (from PPIC): “Obama is the first presidential candidate since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936 to win more than 60% support from Californians.”

  • Ted Ford

    Why not more discussion of local and state issues on this website. Isn’t that its purpose. We get ample discussion of the national races on other sites. There have been some big developments locally and in California, but zero discussion here. How about the passage of proposition 1 (ugh): $100 billion for a new rail line while the rest of our infrastructure crumbles; passage of prop 11 (hurray) and a least a chance for political reform; the AD-15 results (no comment); the budget crisis both in Contra Costa County and in the State.

  • Ted Ford

    Another interesting one is Proposition 8. Clearly, a lot of people voted for both Obama and Propostion 8. African American women were the largest segment of the California electorate in support. Family values and the culture wars come to California. This one is not going away. I’ll bet many Republicans are secretly praying the Democrats nominate Gavin Newsom or Jerry Brown in 2010.

  • Rew

    In the old days communities like Orinda and Danville were solidly Republican. This was in the day when the top income tax bracket could go as high as 70%. If you were really rich you’d have to pay up to 70% in income taxes. Tax brackets that high will make a Republican out of anyone. But today tax brackets for the rich aren’t all that high, so why vote Republican at all. Even Obama, for all his class warfare rhetoric, is only proposing taxes be raised from 36% to 39% for rich folk, as I recall. So what’s the incentive to vote Republican, not much really.