CoCo labor leader eyed for Antioch council vacancy

Greg Feere

Greg Feere

The list of folks eying an Antioch City Council vacancy now includes labor leader and Contra Costa Building Trades Council chief Greg Feere.

“I’ve gotten a lot of calls and they’ve made it clear I would get three votes,” Feere said. “But I need to think about it. It’s a lot of work.”

Feere refers to the presumed support of pro-labor incumbent councilmen Reggie Moore and Brian Kalinowski plus the newly elected pro-labor Mary Rocha.

A labor bloc could stymie incumbent Arne Simonsen’s quest to remain in office. He failed to win reelection but argues that as the next highest vote-getter, he deserves the post.

Simonsen is not out of the running yet, though.

Kalinowski says he has promised no one his vote and will wait until the council deliberates on the issue next month.

The council could appoint a replacement for the seat held by Councilman Jim Davis, who was elected mayor, as early as Dec. 9. Or it could opt to open the process to applicants such as Feere and make a decision early next year.

The other name in the mix is Gary Agopian, the county supervisor candidate who ran unsuccessfully against incumbent Supervisor Federal Glover. Agopian, like Simonsen, is a conservative Republican who may not mesh with the Democrats who have a three-vote majority on this council.

The councilman with the most at stake in this choice, however, is Reggie Moore. He is up for re-election in two years along with the person selected to fill that vacancy.

This could be a very interesting few weeks in Antioch.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Steve Marston

    You’ve got to be kidding. Here’s a guy who couldn’t get elected to anything, has to get his cronies elected so they’ll appoint him. Feere couldn’t even beat Jesse Reyes for the Community College Board, even though he outspent Reyes by a huge amount.
    If Feere gets the appointment, I can guarantee there’ll be a recall on him, Rocha and anyone who voted for him, except for Moore. He’ll just have major opposition in the next election and will lose.
    Feere’s the biggest partisan, with the worst attitude toward anyone who doesn’t agree with him.
    Besides, what has he EVER done for Antioch? Where was he on the major issues of the past 10 to 15 years: Highway 4 widening, Highway 4 Bypass construction and funding, eBART/BART extension, downtown redevelopment, police funding/crime, Section 8 housing, Indian casino, Mello-Roos tax extension/Prewett Park Community Center, $1 million on the Pittsburg ballpark, RV/boat parking, prison in Antioch earlier this year? He was silent and nowhere to be found.
    We just got rid of a thorn in the side of the public and business when Davis beat Freitas. This would be worse.

  • Freak of the far right

    Hey Arne why don’t you run for CC Republican Central Committee chair. God knows they could use your help. The failed regime that is there Poulos/Debaccaro needs to go now!

    I can visualize you up there in your bomber jacket (with a Cigarette that would be cool) speaking to the believers. You would have a platform to pontificate from. There has never been a CCGOP chairman from east county you know you want to do it. Take the lead man!!

    Run Arne Run!! you would be great!!

  • Freak of the far right,

    You called it with the Dean Andal and Abram Wilson races! I’ll give you some credit, but I guess it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that being a Republican just isn’t very popular right now!

    You seem to know quite a bit about local politics and Central Committee activities. I can respect that. You should get involved too, along with our friend Arne! There will be a battle within the GOP in the near future to determine if the party continues to move left, or comes back to the right where it belongs. In this case a “Freak from the Far Right” is undoubtedly welcome! Check out the links below.

    *Our website:


    *Our YouTube Channel:


    *Our Meetup Alliance:


  • Freak of the far right

    Thanks Walter!! It is good to hear from you. Yes it is not a good time to be a Republican. But what better time to buy a stock than when it is at the bottom. I would like to lay a little Freak Show on the CCCGOP. They need some thing new. Arne would be a hoot.

    As for my predictions thank you very much. It is dissapointing about Abrham but not suprising considering voter turnout and the shift in district registration.

    As for Andal he was a gonner from the beginning. It was sad the way the RCCC left him out to dry. If we had a contested primary it might have been different. The only hope he had was to repudiate the DC Republicans and be his own man. When minority leader Boehner campaigned for him I knew he was finished. Also he had to many leftovers from the old Bill Baker campaigns. They turned a lot of folks off. But in the end it was a 13 point drubbing especially because the registration slightly favors the GOP.

    Thanks again walter. I will check your sights.

    All the best!! Freak!!

  • Rich Woulfe

    I covered Greg Feere as a reporter for the Los Medanos College student newspaper when I was a student at the college. At the time Feere was on the community college board. As I recall, he was well liked by students and by the faculty durring his time on the board. He wasn’t too popular with the Contra Costa Community College big-wig adminstrators because he was always trying to cut the bloated salaries and perks of these adminstrators in Martinez and steer this money instead to student program and services at LMC. (Many students at LMC were low income, and they really needed the services the college offered, like child care, tutoring, work-study jobs and so on.) As I remember it, he also worked countless hours behind the scenes to get a new floor for the gym at LMC – it had been completely thrashed for a decade, it was unsafe to even run on, but CCCD district big-wigs kept delaying fixing it (there was plenty of money for perks for adminstrators, but no money to fix the gym floor). Grege Feere, as I recall, got this done, he got the gym fixed. Another thing I recall about him is he fought hard to see that the instructors at LMC got paid a fair wage – they were being underpaid at the time. He was a terrific community college board member and he’s also make a great councilman, I think.