FPPC rules in favor of Antioch mayor

Antioch Mayor-elect Jim Davis

Antioch Mayor-elect Jim Davis

Contra Costa Times reporter Hilary Costa is reporting that the anonymous mailers sent out to Antioch residents supporting Jim Davis — elected Nov. 4 as the city’s new mayor — did not violate any campaign finance laws, per the Fair Political Practices Commission.

You may recall that a generous but unnamed benefactor sent out lovely glossy mailers that touted Davis’ record as a member of the City Council.

Davis was running against incumbent Mayor Don Freitas but the mailer did not mention one peep about the election or that Davis was a candidate for anything. It was an informational brochure and as such, it did not trigger campaign finance disclosure requirements.

Click here to read Hilary’s story but here is the balance of her short item:

Davis was elected Antioch’s mayor Nov. 4. The week before, incumbent Mayor Donald Freitas filed a complaint with the FPPC alleging the mailers violated campaign laws because the money spent on them was not declared in any expenditure forms, and the pieces did not identify their funding source.

But because the mailers did not expressly advocate for Davis’ election, they fall under a loophole in California campaign finance reporting laws that require declaration of election expenses over $1,000.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen