Wilson will run for Assembly again in 2010

Abram Wilson

Abram Wilson

Prepare for Act 2: San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson says he will run for the state Assembly again in 2010.

Wilson, the GOP nominee in District 15, lost on Nov. 4 to his Democratic opponent, Joan Buchanan, by 4 percentage points.

“Am I interested in running against in 2010?” Wilson said. “No. But will I? Yes. I believe I will run again in 2010. I ran to make a difference and when you are out there always trying to make a difference, you keep going.”

The 2008 election was among the most competitive Assembly contests in the state and most expect it will set spending records after all the financial reports have been calculated. Wilson and Buchanan, and their supporters, spent millions on mailers and TV ads.

Prior to Buchanan’s victory, it was the sole Republican-held partisan seat in the Bay Area.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    Mr Wilson should look elsewhere in the meantime. Unless Ms Buchanan is foolish, and that is not the case, her position should be stronger in 2 years. It was imprudent for Mr Wilson to make that statement.