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East Bay clergy at D.C. prayer service for homes

By Josh Richman
Thursday, November 20th, 2008 at 8:50 pm in General.

Minister Marvin Webb of Richmond’s Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church and the Rev. Lucy Kolin of Oakland’s Resurrection Lutheran Church took center stage Tuesday at a PICO National Network-organized prayer rally outside the U.S. Treasury in Washington, D.C.. About 40 clergy members and 100 congregants asked God to help keep Americans from losing their homes, and prayed that Congress and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson would provide help to all those facing foreclosure.

Paulson wasn’t there, however; he was at the Capitol, briefing Congress on how he doesn’t think it prudent to use some of the $700 billion lawmakers made available to him to deal with toxic mortgage assets, as he’d originally said he intended to do.

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  • OsarT

    I have never heard anyone praying for homes. Great idea. I know that there are loads of people who are adversely affected by the loss of their homes. Also, think of the thousands in the real estate, real estate, mortgage, and construction industry who have either lost their jobs or are still trying to survive. Unfortuantely, in this economy no one else is hiring. Maybe we need to move to India and get hired by Dell. Nevertheless, when the current or new administration in Washington does something (finally) which helps change consumer attitute, then maybe things will turn around.