Nader to attend Camejo memorial on Sunday

The late Peter Camejo at UC Berkeley giving a lecture during the 2003 gubernatorial recall election in California. Photo by Tim Bergeron.

The late Peter Camejo at UC Berkeley giving a lecture during the 2003 gubernatorial recall election in California. Photo by Tim Bergeron.

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader and Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin will attend a Sunday memorial service in Berkeley for the late Peter Camejo, a renowned environmentalist and former gubernatorial candidate who ran on the Green Party ticket as Nader’s vice president in 2004.

The public memorial will be Sunday, 2 p.m., at the International House on the University of California-Berkeley campus, 2299 Piedmont Ave.

Camejo died Sept. 13 at his home in Folsom.

Here is the press release on the service:

A long list of political activists and international dignitaries will be among those speaking at a public memorial celebrating the life of former gubernatorial, presidential and vice-presidential candidate Peter Camejo SUNDAY, Nov. 23, at 2 p.m. at the International House on the University of California at Berkeley campus (2299 Piedmont Ave), according to an announcement by family and friends.

Mr. Camejo died Sept. 13 at home in Folsom, CA after a lengthy fight with cancer.

Speakers at the Public Memorial at UCB – which, ironically, expelled Mr.
Camejo for his activities as a student opposing the war in Vietnam in the 60’s – will include those who worked with him as a student leader during that era.

Among those speaking will be Presidential candidate and consumer activist Ralph Nader, Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, former San Francisco Board of Supervisors Matt Gonzalez, Consul General of the Bolivian Republic of Venezuela Martin Sanchez, Deputy Salvadoran General Assembly Ramon Cardona, National President of the Mexican American Political Association Nativo Lopez and American Muslim Alliance on Civil Rights and Elections Dr. Agha Saeed, as well as Mr. Camejo’s former running mates.

Other speakers include those Mr. Camejo worked with as a leader in the socially responsible investment industry; as the Green Party gubernatorial candidate in the 2003 Recall Election, and Green party gubernatorial runs in 2002 and 2006; as Ralph Nader’s vice-presidential candidate in 2004; and as an environmentalist and a civil rights activist. He also ran for President with the Socialist Workers Party.

Ralph Nader has remembered Mr. Camejo as “a civil rights leader, socially responsible investment pioneer, and ‘magnanimo caballero’ for third party politics in the U.S.” He said Mr. Camejo “used his eloquence, sharp wit, and barnstorming bravado to blaze a trail for 21st century third party politics in the US.”

“Everyone who has met Peter, talked with Peter, worked with Peter, argued with Peter, or heard of him are invited to join friends and family in celebrating his life,” said organizers.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • RR

    Peter Camejo and Ralph Nader are shining examples of men educated beyond their mental capacity. Both blame Capitalism for all society’s ills and both said the greedy rich should empty their pockets to help the rest of us. In their minds, wealth is a crime, the greater the riches, the worse the criminal.