Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • No mystery to anyone who was in 4-H 🙂

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Okay, Arne, for those of us who have never seen a turkey except in a vacuum-sealed plastic wrap, what the heck is that equipment? I doesn’t look good for the turkey, that’s for sure.

  • BGR

    Democracy, like making sausage… it ain’t pretty

  • Lisa, if you’ve ever heard the term “a chicken running around with its head cut off”, the mechanism in the background keeps the turkeys from “running around”, which is why you see the turkey’s legs jumping all over the place.

    The turkey is put into it head first and after checking that the head is through the bottom slot, it head is cut off and the blood allowed to drain. You keep the turkey in there until it stops moving; then its ready for plucking (another fun task).

    We didn’t have such fancy equipment when I was raising chickens and ducks in 4-H. We used the basic chopping block and an axe. And yes, a chicken can run around with its head cut off!

    BGR’s comment pretty much sums it up – it isn’t pretty and most people only see the end result in that vacuum-sealed plastic wrap.

  • Freak of the far right

    Lisa thanks for the opportunity to post on this.

    Sarah Palin is the worst thing to ever happen to the GOP. Yes she brought home all the conservatives that would not vote for McCain but that is about it. Any thinking person could not vote to put her in line for the Presidency. I am suprised she did not point out Putin’s plane flying over head. I am so tired of watching all of her interviews with all of her vapid statments every night on the TV. If we are lucky she will now fade into the long Alaskan winter night. If she is on the national ticket again the GOP will lose by more than they did in the last election. But I highly doubt any politician would pick the diva of the North to run with.

    Sarah please go away!!

  • Freak of the far right

    He Arne how about being our CCCRP Chair?

  • Hey Freak of the Far Right… You’re on the CCCRCC? Do you have an out-going Chair? Has Arne ever responded to your request?

    The reason I ask is because I would be interested to know if your committee plans to pass a Resolution against the Governor’s planned tax increase. The

  • Sorry about that…. The ACRCC failed to pass one on November 18th. Since then, the CRP Board of Directors passed one of their own (14-2). Now, I’m hoping that will encourage Republicans in Alameda County to start acting like Republicans and get tough on taxes. Our Governor needs to be held accountable and our fellow Republicans in the State Legislature need to know that we stand with them.

    You can get info here:

  • BGR

    Walter, if past history is any indication, the CCCRP unfortunately does not formally advocate for or against any legislation. It’s too busy losing members and elections.

  • I’m on the Executive Board of the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association and we have already taken a position against the Governor’s proposed tax & fee increases.

    As for the CCCRP, I have been considering your suggestion for some time.

  • Freak of the far right

    Hi Walter Happy thanksgiving!

    The CCCRP will be spending all of their time working on the reelection of exualted leader Tom Del Baccaro to the Vice Chairmanship of the CRP. Check out the site
    to see what they are up too. It is a very exclusive club.

    Walter the current CCCRP chair Greg Poulos lost his election the the CCCRP and he and the Exualted Leader and his plebs are closing ranks to save Poulos. They have been attacking all potential advasaries like Judy Lloyd or Joe Rubay. The funny thing is these two are not interested the job. Only Arne Simonson can reform the CCCRP.

    Run Arne Run!!!

  • BGR,

    The Republican Party isn’t just losing members and elections, they’re also losing LAWSUITS too! Even when they have big name McCain Campaign attorney Charles H. Bell filing court documents in an effort to resist Republican volunteers that were elected by Alameda County Republicans!

    Judge Frank Roesch issued his judgement on 11/24…

    The Court concludes that it lacks jurisdiction to entertain the Election Contest because the Chairman’s Statement was untimely filed. It was not filed within the time limitations set forth in California Election Code section 16421; those time limitations are applicable to Contests of PRIMARY Elections such as the election on June 3, 2008, and they are jurisdictional in nature.

    As this Contest concerns a PRIMARY Election, and because it was filed more than 5-days after the certification of the official canvass, IT IS UNTIMELY.

    If the legislature intended the time limitations of Election Code section 16421 to apply to Contests of Elections, excepting and excluding those PRIMARY Elections where candidates are elected to a party central committee it could have said so, but it did not.

    Ruling in favor of the Constitutional Republicans

  • Freak of the Far Right,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you my friend!

    Thanks for the response. I was actually aware about Poulos taking over for Del Baccaro and not winning on June 3rd. Interesting isn’t it?

    Regarding Lloyd… I attended a 15th AD Republican Debate before the primary election and was able to ask a few questions of the candidates on stage. Lloyd seemed to be strongly opposed to illegal-immigration, taking a standard Republican position on that issue. When the topic shifted to the 2nd Amendment, she fell short… way short. Also, she attacked Scott Kamena (in poor taste) for having an understanding of the meaning behind the right to keep and bear arms.

    Arne seems to be strong on the 2nd! I can respect that!

    Did you hear about the CRP Board of Directors passing a Resolution against the Governor’s planned tax-increases? Is the CCCRCC planning to do the same?

  • Freak of the far right

    It is too bad about the Alameda Central Committee. that is the most Bizarre thing I have ever seen.

    I saw the Lloyd Kamena exchange on Youtube. They both looked really bad. Lloyd came off really shrill. It was not flattering. After coming in 3rd in the primary she was going around saying she won the race for Abram. Yes she did a nice job for her first campaign but she came in 3rd. I have never seen a 3rd place finisher with such a big head.

    Scott was not ready for primetime. Both of these candidates needed local elected experience. Hence the candidate that was an elected local offical won the primary. And all the high priced neophytes Scott, Judy and Robert got their butts kicked.

    I have no idea what the CCCRP is going to do about the governor and his tax hikes. But if I were to guess they would oppose it. This will be the Governor and the democrats vs the republicans in the legislature. IT will be a stalemate.

    Walter I am raising a glass of vintage red wine to you and yours as I type this. You are a class guy!!

    Happy Thanksgiving,



  • Hey Freak of the Far Right,

    I wanted to give you a heads up on this one…

    SF Chronicle Article: (today)

    SF Chronicle Article: (10/26/08)

    Tri-City Beat Blog:

    Our Press Release:

    Let me know what you think. Take Care!

    Cheers to victory!

  • Freak of the far right

    In real political terms the Alameda GOP is just as marginal as the San Francisco GOP. So I cannot understand what Chairman Cummings is trying to do other than tear people apart. I mean if you had to hire a lawyer over what Chairman Cummings believes is a mistake by the county then I would be very upset.

    The net result is that it just tears people apart. New people that want to be involved are a good thing. In Alameda you need every Republican you can find no matter who they are. If the GOP in Alameda County have elections for officers this year vote Cummings out.

    With Republicans being slaughtered at every level we will be out of power for a long while. With stunts like this happening things in Alameda will not be getting better any time soon.

    Keep fighting Walter!