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Giving political thanks

By Josh Richman
Thursday, November 27th, 2008 at 7:20 am in General.

I find myself thankful for many things today – particularly the people I love, the creature comforts and little delights of life, and the fact that I still have a job doing what I enjoy most.

But, seeing as how this is a political blog, I’ll share here a few other things for which I give thanks today.

I’m thankful that a record 130 million Americans voted this month, including a record 24 million or so people ages 18 to 29; I hope this is the start of an historic reversal of apathy, a dawning civic re-engagement at all levels of government.

I’m thankful that we change our government and settle our political differences with ballots and celebrations, not with guns and mourning.

I’m thankful to have lived a life thus far largely free of the shadow of discrimination; I hope everyone will be able to say this someday.

I’m thankful that democracy and technology have conspired to provide many of us with more ways to express our views to more of each other than ever before in human history. I think we can only benefit from the dialogue, so long as we keep open minds.

And I’m thankful that, even as the economy struggles and so many people try to figure out what to do next, we live in a nation so wealthy, so resourceful, so secure that we can discuss numbers like “$7 trillion” as we look for containment and fixes. In too many parts of the world, a crisis far worse than what our nation now experiences still would be the best day people ever had. We live in a land of plenty, and we can and will find our way through tough times.

Happy Thanksgiving, readers.

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