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Comments from, kudos for Steve Chu

By Josh Richman
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 at 12:25 pm in Barack Obama, Barbara Lee, Jerry McNerney, Nancy Pelosi.

Here’s what the East Bay’s own Steve Chu, Nobel laureate in physics and director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, had to say yesterday after President-elect Barack Obama nominated him to serve as Secretary of Energy:

And here’s what a few of our lawmakers had to say about him.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland: “I commend President-elect Obama on his excellent choice to lead our country in the battle against global warming and on the path to energy innovation. Steven Chu has been a leader in the development of renewable and carbon-neutral sources of energy in my district at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and he will bring a wealth of ideas and ingenuity to Washington. Once again, President-Elect Obama has demonstrated his commitment to make America a cleaner, greener country.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco: “Californians are particularly proud of the selection of Nobel physics laureate Steven Chu as our next Secretary of Energy and the first Asian-American to hold this prestigious post. Dr. Chu brings the facts and strong persuasive skills to the energy and climate debate, as well as a track record working with the private sector to find market-driven solutions.”

Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton: “I am very excited that Dr. Chu is being nominated to serve as Secretary of Energy. During his tenure at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Dr. Chu has pushed for research into biofuels and solar technology and he is dedicated to finding solutions for our nation’s energy problems. Dr. Chu understands the important role scientific research plays in solving our energy problems. And it is refreshing that someone with real science and energy experience is being named to the post. As a former wind-energy engineer, I am confident that Dr. Chu will effectively use his knowledge to reshape our country’s approach to energy, away from fossil fuels and dependence on foreign oil and towards clean, renewable, domestically-produced energy. We face tough energy challenges in the years ahead. But we also have a real opportunity to address those challenges by making a concerted effort to focus on new energy technology, which will help create hundreds of thousands of stable, family-wage jobs. Dr. Chu understands this. As a newly appointed member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, I look forward to working with Dr. Chu on moving our nation’s energy policy forward.”

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