Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • freak of the far right

    Lisa not bad for being off for a month. But Halfway to concord has you beat!!

  • I can only assume that you’ll also be posting the “humorous political photos” of Obama and Biden that are also circulating. Fair & balanced, right?

  • Renegade GOP

    Ok Arne!! They say things come in three’s. You were defeated in November for Antioch City council. Then Martha Parsons kicked your tail and got appointed to the remaining seat on the Antioch City Council. (that is not suprising considering what a pro she is) So why don’t you wake up and challenge Greg Poulos and take back the Contra Costa Republican Party chairmanship. You would be such a breath of fresh air along with your wicked sence of humor. Give it a shot!!

  • Arne, I’ve heard people talking about this run for Chairman for quite some time now. If you are interested, I may be able to rally a few votes on the committee for you.

    Hey Renegade, Are you and Freak on the committee already? If so, Arne may have some support before he even gets started. Time is short though. The CC Organizational Meeting will be here soon, and I want to help you guys out!

    Please respond here, or to

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Send me whatever photos you get! I’ll post them, although I would probably have passed on the near-naked Palin shot that appeared on HalfwaytoConcord.

    After all, a Republican sent me the Sarah Palin/reindeer photo …

    Lisa v.

  • Like you Lisa, I would only pass along any political satire photos that were in good taste.

    Why am I not surprised that it was a Republican that sent you the Sarah Palin/reindeer photo. Must have come from a Ron Paul supporter 🙂