California Dems to elect party delegates

The deadline to file as a delegate candidate to the California Democratic Party’s 2009 state convention is Dec. 31 at noon. Click here for an online application.

Party members will gather at caucuses to elect 12 representatives per each of the state’s 80 Assembly districts on Jan. 10-11. Click here for the caucus schedule.

The party will select its platform, elect its leaders, vote on other party issues and generally gloat about its 2008 election successes on April 24-26, 2009, in Sacramento.

Sans the gloating, the state Republican Party will also hold a convention in Sacramento this spring — Feb. 20-22. Click here for the GOP convention web site.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Freak of the far right

    If you want to attend an extremely dysfunctional event go to the California Republican Party convention in Sacramento. This is the greatest collection of kooks, issue nuts, ideology priests, freaks, religious right activists, Anti-abortion folks with pictures of the fetus, and gun nuts on the planet. Then sprinkled among them are the Moderate Republicans. Moderate Republicans are usually people with a bit more education than the conservatives. They don’t like the conservatives. Usually they are pro-choice, maybe not as conservative on spending as the far right. They like environmental issues etc. they keep hoping those conservatives will some how change and so the party can start to win again. Fat chance of that happening!! Additionally there is an election for the CAGOP leadership, with our local “great leader” Tom Del Baccaro vying to be reelected as Vice Chair.
    With the party in disarray this is a show for the ages!! Please attend!! I am sure Governor Arnold will be in attendance and will be booed off the stage.

  • From what I have heard, the moderate Democrats have the same problems when they attend the California Democrat Party conventions 🙁

    As a social moderate and fiscal conservative Republican, I joined with a group of like minded Republican voting delegates to form “The Farm Team” which presented an alternative Party Platform and we were pounced upon at the Platform Committee meeting (which lasted two days) by the “right wing” who rarely show up at those meetings.

    They had Assemblymembers and State Senators there, which surprised a number of us.

    Needless to say, we lost on every single item by slim margins AND we even lost on the platform item about the peripheral canal (which the right wing from Southern California wants).

    And yes, I stopped by the pro-choice table and put my pro-choice button on my lapel.

  • Joe Moderate

    Both parties have been taken over by extremists, that’s why I voted for proposition 11. We’ve need to get rid of these gerrymandered districts.
    I find many Democratic office holders to be ultra left wing – they favor these costly state programs like universal health care, or state subsidized pre-school, and they are odered around by labor leaders like they are flunkies. On the Republican side they are right wing, Howard Jarvis loving kooks who never met a state program they liked, except prisons. Because we have no moderates in either party, the state budget has become a big knife fight every session. I’m tired of it. We need moderate legislators, practical people who live in reality. Joe Canciamilla was one of them, but the Democratic party and labor leaders ganged up on him big time. Hopefully Prop 11, and this latest effort to allow cross filing, will lead to sensible, moderate office holders.