Two California robocalls make Top 10 ‘Hall of Shame’ list

Two of those obnoxious automated campaign phone calls from the 2008 California election made the National Political Do Not Contact Registry’s Top 10 Hall of Robocall Shame.

Ranked No. 2 is the infamous sex call financed by a Republican challenger in an uphill fight to unseat incumbent Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Napa.  “Mike Thompson has been a baaaaaad boy!” says a throaty woman in a breathy voice.

And in the No. 10 spot is the robocall from conservative group ProtectMarriage.com that used Barack Obama’s words about gay marriage in an anti-Proposition 8 call.

Click here for the full Top 10 list and audio links to the calls, along with a chance to vote for your favorite.

Not that you would know it but robocalls are illegal in California unless introduced by a live caller. Then why do we get so many? Campaigns get around the law by hiring out-of-state call centers beyond the jurisdictional reach of the California Public Utility Commission.

The National Political Do Not Contact project is lobbying for national legislation to bar or restrict the use of robocalls but critics say a prohibition is a violation of Free Speech rights.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • thanks for the write up Lisa.

    Look out for the announcement of the Robos! The people’s choice for the Worst and Weirdest Robocall of the Year. Coming Jan 1st, 2009.

    Shaun Dakin

  • In looking at the latest responses it appears Christmas kindness,courtesy and consideration got left out in the cold somewhere. Politics be as they may is everyone sarcastic,callus and unkind? Wow you never would guess that Christmas has to do with giving by the tones.

  • Precisely what is up with the robocalling as of late??