A reporter’s reluctant 2009 resolutions

I made my 2009 resolutions this morning.

It all started on my way to work when a driver swerved in front of me on Interstate 680 and forced me to slam on my brakes. I resolved to stop swearing at people who cannot hear me. How dumb is that?

Then I got to thinking about how my real first resolution emerged earlier this morning after I got up the nerve to get on the scale. I resolved to lose the 10 pounds (more or less, mostly more) I gained while I was on vacation in December.  This will no doubt surprise my husband and my son, who will come downstairs and find in the garbage all the leftover fudge, ice cream, pie, ambrosia and frozen cookie dough.

Here at the office, more 2009 resolutions reluctantly emerged.

I resolved to throw out the 50 pounds of 2008 campaign mailers on my desk. It’s not like they contain any facts worthy of the space they occupy.

What about all the political books on my shelf? I’ll never have time to read all these books and more will pour in this year. Maybe I should resolve to read more books in 2009? Or maybe I should just resolve to free up space for the new arrivals. That’s dooable.

And what should I do with all my research files on Dean Andal, the unsuccessful GOP congressional contender? If I toss them out, he’ll run again and I’ll be sorry. I’d better keep them for a while longer.

I have all these boxes of local campaign finance reports, too. I resolve to hound local officials to put these reports online so that I don’t have to slaughter so many trees and store the bones under my desk. That’s better. Badgering people who can hear me is a better use of my time, right?

My best resolution (this one is for my editor, in case she is reading this post) is to revisit my long list of undone stories that went by wayside in the insanity of the 2008 election season.

Given the shaky economy and poor outlook in the newspaper business, I resolve to try and keep my job.

Tell me, what are your 2009 resolutions?

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Jim Caroompas

    Hi Lisa,

    One of my resolutions this year is to also try and help you and all of your colleagues keep their jobs. For all the misguided noise and nonsense about the ‘mainstream media,’ without journalism and dedicated journalists (and let’s face it – you have to be dedicated to be a journalist; it sure doesn’t pay well), our system of government will vanish into the mists of power and greed. You folks are the front line of our democracy, and I will do whatever I can to keep you employed. Happy new year.

  • Freak of the far right

    It is interesting that you focused on the Andal vs. McNerny race when the real watershed was the AD 15 race. The loss of this once conservative stronghold is the end of Republicans holding elected partisan office in the Bay Area. Andal is a side show candidate who never had a hope of winning. I think he lost by 15 points ouch!! His era of Bill Baker Republicanism is dead.

    The loss of AD 15 has the local party Republicans scrambling to save their collective hides. Check out what is going on at the CCC GOP Central committee they are going to have a member resign and appoint the current president so he can keep the Del Baccaro power structure in place. They are scared of Ron Paul types comming to thier ranks. Other Republicans are now down grading their political futures based on the stunning defeat of Wilson in AD15. Chack it out..

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    I agree: AD15 was the watershed race in the Bay Area. Watch for my story later this week about the ramifications of 2008 decisions in 2009.

    And I will check out the central committee site. I had heard there was some shuffling going on.

  • Lisa Vorderbrueggen

    Thanks, Jim!

    Keep buying those papers …

  • The major resolution on this blog should be for the bloggers to read their comments and see if any have any value except negative, grouchy, opinionated, unuseful and just plain nonsense gibberish of no value to anyone. What ever happended to courtesy,consideration and understanding of one another?? And ARne, when are you going to stop blaming everything on the public employees??

  • RR

    “Let’s be more positive!” cried Petey Proton

  • Hey Freak… Can you shoot me an email. I need to speak with you about a few things.


  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Lisa, were you successful in following your 2009 and 2010 Resolutions? What have you resolved for 2011?

    In 2011, I resolve to continue advocating for use of public transit.