Can’t make the inauguration? Attend on-line

The advisories out of the inauguration offices make the historic event sound so appealing: Long lines, crowded trains, expensive hotel rooms, hours of standing in the rain or sleet or snow, and a security ban on umbrellas and strollers for those getting-heavier-by-the-minute children.

So, don’t go. Instead, attend the inauguration on-line via LINK-live, a collaboration involving a social networking system with live, web-streaming and plenty of opportunity to participate via Twitter and Flickr. Check out the details and links below:

Washington, D.C.- The LINK-live Presidential Inaugural Gala launched its global social networking site – www.linklive.org.

LINK-live: Technology Serving Humanity is a joint venture of Mobilize.org and the Kempster Group. Working in collaboration with other non-profit organizations, LINK-live offers a social network and multimedia technologies to connect and engage Americans around the world in the Inaugural celebration of President-elect Barack Obama on January 20, 2009.

“We have created a multi-generational social portal that supports President-elect Obama’s vision ‘to use the immense transformative power of technology and innovation to improve the lives of all Americans,’ said Brenda Kempster, president of Kempster Group, the production company for the LINK-live Gala. “Through a collaborative partnership with Mobilize.org and other organizations, LINK-live is bringing communities, people and cultures together and creating a platform for an open exchange of ideas and ideals about our country’s future.”

To join the LINK-live network, follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/linklive and use the tag #linklive2009.

The announcement extends the LINK-live Gala celebration planned for the evening of January 20 at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, where LINK-live participants will engage in cross-country conversations using Web 2.0 digital communication tools – like Twitter, ScribbleLive, USTREAM and Flickr. “We are virtually uniting an entire country in a way that has never before been possible,” said Christina Gagnier, Chief Information Officer of Mobilize.org.

This interactive, technology-rich experience will demonstrate to government leaders, corporate executives and association leaders how technology can improve and support humanity in four areas – Life, Information, Nature and Knowledge (LINK).

Throughout the evening, the LINK-live network will broadcast live video streaming from the Corcoran Gallery of Art as well as celebrations throughout Washington, DC to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and other communities around the country and world. The real-time reporting and cross-country connectivity created by LINK-live will be unique and not replicated by any other 2009 Gala. City celebrations interested in becoming an official LINK-live partner are encouraged to send an email to Christina Gagnier.

Bloggers, online editors and journalists interested in contributing to LINK-live or attending the event should send an email to Jodie Pozo-Olano of Sequoia Public Relations.

The LINK-live Presidential Inaugural Gala is a non-partisan event hosted by the LINK AMERICAS Foundation (LAF), The Alliance for Public Technology (APT), The Children’s Partnership (TCP), Education Development Center (EDC) and the George Lucas Educational Foundation – Edutopia. Organizations and companies interested in sponsorship opportunities can contact Brenda Kempster.

LINK-live is supported by a broad base of companies and non-profit organizations supportive of Technology Serving Humanity by advancing science, information and communications technologies (ICT) to address education and workforce development skills, e-government services, healthcare and telemedicine, and research and development of Green ICT solutions for energy and environmental challenges. Additional information can be found online at:www.inauguralgala2009.com.

For more information, contact Christina Gagnier via phone at 510.717.3022 or via email at christina@mobilize.org.


Mobilize.org is an all-partisan network dedicated to educating, empowering, and energizing Millennials to increase our civic engagement and political participation. We work to show Millennials how public policy impacts our lives, and more importantly – how we can impact public policy.


KEMPSTER GROUP is a consulting firm specializing in building strategic alliances for clients focused on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Digital Literacy, Telecommunications, Education, and International Marketing. A number of nationally recognized authorities in Technologies, Education and Government are retained by KEMPSTER GROUP as an ongoing resource to its clients.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • BGR

    There will be a simulcast at the Lesher as well


    The message at WC Chamber gives the same URL as in the post, so maybe reservation site will be working soon.

    Happy New Year, Lisa, and clear out those cold case files!

  • Real America

    Are you talking about acting-President Biden’s inauguration? After all, the results of the California Electors have yet to be received and posted (as well as 23 other states). Recent developments may indicate Obama WAS actually born in Kenya, according to legal documents found regarding his birth parents’ divorce. Given that his father was married at the time to a wife in Kenya, and his mother was too young to pass her citizenship to her son, … bottom line, Obama may be an illegal alien.

  • Thanks for writing about us, Lisa!