DeSaulnier predicts quick end to budget fight

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord

State Sen. Mark DeSaulnier in his first appearance as a senator on the locally hosted cable show “Friendly Fire” — the host is Contra Costa County Assessor Gus Kramer — apparently predicts the state budget fight in Sacramento will be over by the time the show airs.

Really? Does anyone have a calendar and a red marker handy? That’s the most optimistic anyone has been about the state budget stalemate in, well, months.

“Friendly Fire” airs on the Comcast public access station in eastern Contra Costa County on Jan. 5 and Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. and in central Contra Costa County on Jan. 8 and Jan. 22 at 10 p.m.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • With DeSaulnier and the Democrats looking for ways to illegally get around Props 13, 68 and 218, you can be assured that lawsuits will follow.

    The private sector is laying off employees due to the downturn in business.

    Why can’t the State government do the same thing? Oh yeah, they need all those state employees to dole out more cash and services as part of the Democrats plan to raise taxes & fees and expand state programs which will become new “entitlements”.

    Marx and Engles are smiling from their graves 🙁

  • Brian Kalinowski


    Are you serious??


  • Real America

    If the estimated cost of illegal aliens is $11B to the state of California, is DeSaulnier planning on doing an about-face of his past reconquista policies and try to recover most of this lost funding paid to citizens of other countries?

  • Freak of the far right

    Oh Arne there you go again. While the Democrats have been in charge in the legislature since you were in diapers they get a large portion of the blame. But what about Gov. Schwarzenegger? You supported him wholeheartedly in 2006 the year you ignored Antioch and focused on your miserable attempt to beat DeSaulnier for a state assembly seat. Your candidate
    Gov. Schwarzenegger is a complete failure as a governor. He make Grey Davis look like a fiscal conservative. So Arne where are you now politically? You are completely out of office. Rejected by Antioch voters and denied appointment to the city council to Desaulnier’s campaign manager!! We call that oblivian Arne!! The only hope you have is to Run for Contra Costa GOP Chair!!

  • Brian,

    It’s, nice to see you on Lisa’s Blog 🙂

    Not sure how to take your comment. But I take it that you agree with me that the State Government (legislative & executive) aren’t going to seriously consider laying off state employees (non-safety, of course).

    I for one however, would not want to see a reduction in the CHP. If anything, the number of CHP officers should be increased and fully funded from the gasoline taxes & excise fees, drivers license & vehicle registration fees, and court vehicle related fines.


    Too bad you try to condense things into sound-bites. I doubt if there is any elected official with whom you agree 100%.

    No, I am not in “oblivian”, as you put it. I am now a citizen and the elected officials are now responsible to me (just as they are to you).

    And if you will review the City Council meetings of 2006, you will see that I did not “ignore Antioch”, as you put it.

    And while your suggestion regarding the CCCRP is interesting, it is not something that I would consider. I will become more active with the Contra Costa Taxpayers Association and the Antioch Chamber of Commerce.

  • Arne,

    I’m glad you finally answered the CCCRP question. You seem to respond to the majority of comments thrown your way, except that one.

    On another note, I must disagree with your statements regarding the CHP.

    You say, “If anything, the number of CHP officers should be increased and fully funded from the gasoline taxes & excise fees, drivers license & vehicle registration fees, and court vehicle related fines.”

    With all do respect… You are way off the mark on this one.

    CHP officers funded by “court vehicle related fines?”

    You have got to be kidding me Arne! I’m assuming that you mean traffic fines, like speeding tickets and infractions of the sort. It’s bad enough that the officers have quotas to meet (which look great when an officer is looking to be promoted), but now you want them funded by the same traffic tickets that they write? Yeah, that would be great. Why not just give a pay raise to the officers that write the most tickets in a given period of time?

    The number of CHP officers should be decreased before it is increased. Their pay should be reduced, and their overtime should be regulated during these tough economic times. Being a conservative, you should know that spending is the problem here.

    Would you support a tax increase on “gasoline taxes & excise fees, drivers license & vehicle registration fees” to fund your CHP build-up?

    Personally, I don’t want to pay more taxes at the pump or at the DMV. And I don’t want tax dollars taken away from roads and highways to fund a beefed-up CHP force.

    Lets not forget the CHP’s unlawful gun seizures during Katrina. They had enough funding from the state, and enough boots on the ground to go to New Orleans, Louisiana and participate in unconstitutional gun grabbing, and still conduct business back at home in California. I’d say they’re doing just fine.

  • I’d say that it would be better to have the Office of Traffic Safety donate a few bucks to the CHP to offset some of the costs of their bloated retirement packages, and ridiculous overtime pay as opposed to funding unconstitutional DUI checkpoints!

  • Freak of the far right

    Arne Please. Yes you are a citizen like all of us. Just like all of us go to the bathroom. But the fact is you are a POL. You have been elected to office and you have run for higher office and even tried to be appointed to the office you were running for and were defeated. Currently you are in political oblivian. Yes you can hang out at the CCC tax payers assn or the Antioch Chamber but you have been thumped man. My suggestion to have you run the CCCGOP will keep you active and viable. OK I give up…. you are done.

    Greetings Walter my Man!! Arne is Done. He will have to watch your Revolution take place in Alameda as you bring all the RINOS to heal.

  • Walter, Lisa’s Blog really doesn’t give us the opportunity to address every issue in detail. It is like being given 3 minutes to comment on an entire City budget – You just can’t cover everything.

    That being said, I agree with you regarding the pay & benefits of the CHP and we may as well toss in the Correctional Officers while we are at it.

    Considering what is occurring in the private sector, the state employees (including the public safety officers mentioned above) should be renegotiating their contracts to help the Governor’s efforts to bring the State budget into balance (I’m not holding my breath).

    Had the voters approved Prop 76 a few years back, we would not be in the situation we are in today.

  • Freak, your comments are an example of why many good and honest people won’t run for elected office.

    As for your comment about being in “political oblivion”, my wife now realizes how much time I devoted to Antioch politics at the local, county, regional and state levels, as I have been able to complete four major projects from her “honey-do” list that have lingered for the past 8 years.

    Face it, being in elected office is a thankless task. Criticism will come from all sides and mostly from individuals who won’t put their family it the public spotlight by running for political office.

    By the way, I am still on the CCCRP representing the 5th District.

  • Ted Ford

    I highly doubt that they’ll come up with anything but a “kick the can down the road” solution, if that. Is DeSaulnier or Joan Buchanan willing to buck the public sector unions and move to reform public sector pensions, freeze wages, reform the prison system? Ms. Buchanan was not even willing to vote on the most recent budget proposal. It will probably require something on the order of a constitutional convention and a rewrite of California’s constitution to resolve this problem. There’s no quick fix.

  • John W.


    As a fellow Democrat who shares your strong belief in fiscal responsibility, I agree with your doubts about a real fix, let alone a quick one. I, too, was disappointed but not surprised by Joan Buchanan’s cop-out on the budget vote. Not a very pretty start to her legislative career. The Sac Bee provided a link to year-by-year state revenue and spending stats dating back to 1929, with detail by function dating back to 1993. Pretty interesting stuff.


  • Ralph Hoffmann

    I guess Sen. DeSaulnier missed the “Mark” by a mile on this prediction! Can we chalk that up to inexperience in the CA Senate?

  • Elwood

    Sen. DeSaulnier fulfilled the Peter principle when he ran a bar/restaurant in downtown Concord.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    As I remember the “Peter (Drucker?) Principle, “In Management, all people rise to there level of incompetence.”

  • Gus Morrison

    Dr. Laurence J. Peter, Ralph. In any hierological organization, people will rise to their level of incompetence, or the obverse, In any hierological organization, eventually every position will be filled with someone who is incompetent. Think about your own favorite organization.

    It is an interesting book to read, worth the time and small cost. And, like most of us, you will identify with it and, maybe, find yourself in it.

    Happy new year all and thanks for the entertainment all year.

  • Ralph Hoffmann

    Thanks Gus. I bought the book years ago, and have it stored away, but enjoyed it as I could relate to my own career and political aspirations. Happy New Year!