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Barbara Lee gets new Appropriations assignment

By Josh Richman
Thursday, January 8th, 2009 at 1:17 pm in Barbara Lee, U.S. House.

Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, says she’s “extremely pleased” with her appointment yesterday to three key Appropriations subcommittees: She retained her position on the Labor, Health and Human Services and Education and the State, Foreign Operations subcommittees, and also gained a new assignment to the Financial Services Subcommittee.

That new assignment gives her a say in jurisdiction over appropriation of funds to key federal offices including the Office of Management and Budget, Department of the Treasury, Federal Trade Commission and the Small Business Administration.

Said Lee: “I look forward to continuing my work on the committee to address the challenges confronting our nation and world.”

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  • bernie quigley

    (for Josh Richman) Saw your piece on Ron Dellums today. Say we get lucky and Obama nominates Ron Dellums as our new Ambassador to Togo, then who becomes Mayor of Oakland. Is there something in the City Charter for succession?

  • bernie quigley

    I think the Times should start beating the drum to encourage an Ambassadorship for Dellums. Who else do we want to get rid of? How about Pete Stark?

  • Josh Richman

    Actually, that was Kelly Rayburn’s article about Dellums (though I’m proud to have his fine work mistaken for mine any day). The Oakland City Charter, Article III Section 303, says “Upon the declaration of vacancy in the office of the Mayor, the office of the Mayor shall be filled by the Vice-Mayor of the Council.” Perhaps that’s why Ignacio De La Fuente was content to step down from his post as City Council President on Monday… becoming Vice Mayor instead. The charter goes on to say that if there’s less than a year remaining in the departing mayor’s term, the vice mayor fills the rest of that term; if there’s more than a year remaining, a special election must be called.

  • RR

    MS Lee will need to beef up her staff.