Torlakson announces engagement and GOP official to wed

Assemblyman Tom Torlakson, D-Antioch

Assemblyman Tom Torlakson, D-Antioch

Mae Cendaña, member of Ambrose Park and Recreation District, Bay Point

Mae Cendaña, member of Ambrose Park and Recreation District, Bay Point

Democratic Assemblyman Tom Torlakson of Antioch has made public via his Facebook page his engagement to Mae Cendaña, a member of the Ambrose Park and Recreation District in Bay Point.

For those who may not have known, Torlakson and his wife, Dianna, divorced last year after a more than three decades of marriage.

It must be the season for weddings.

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, D-Alamo, announced her engagement this week on this blog to retired airline pilot and widower Jim James Cieslak.

Third on the pending nuptuals list is California GOP Vice Chairman Tom Del Beccaro of Lafayette. He is engaged to Ashli Meske of Santa Barbara. The pair met in 2007 at a Republican fundraiser in Los Angeles and will wed on Dec. 19, 2009.

Tom Del Beccaro, California GOP Vice Chairman

Tom Del Beccaro, California GOP Vice Chairman

“You don’t know in life if you will meet someone you are compatible with,” said Del Beccaro, who has been a single dad for 13 years. Like him, Ashli loves politics, history, writing and is a conservative, he says.

Most important, his teen-aged daughter, Julianna, approves.

“Julianna loves Ashli to death,” Del Beccaro said. “It’s a great thing.”

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Arne Simonsen

    Well. I’m very happy for both Tom’s.

    Mae joined Tom Torlakson to my Delta Protection Commission meeting in Stockton to receive his award from the American Trails Foundation. It is nice to see that she is supportive of Tom’s political efforts.

    And it is so nice to read that Tom Del Beccaro has finally met the woman of his dreams and that Julianna approves 🙂

  • mike geronimo


    Glad to read and heard from Rudy Fernanadez the good news about your engagement to Mae Cendana. Her sister, Cha-cha is a very good friend of ours in the choir, Saringhimig Singers of S.F.

    My wife Joy and I are Antioch resident and we always vote for you. Now more than ever, we can consider you as one of us. Mabuhay!

    mike geronimo, DDS


  • Caroline Gochoco-Tsuyuki

    Congratulations, Tom (del Baccaro)from the Lafayette homefront on several levels: your engagement to a very special woman who shares your passion for conservative politics, your election as Vice-Chair of the California GOP and most especially, for raising Julianna to be a lovely, poised young lady (I last saw her at the Art and Wine Festival).

    Best wishes also to my high school classmate, Mae Cendana, on her engagement to Tom Torlakson. It looks like the next class reunion is going to be a doozy!

    Caroline Gochoco-Tsuyuki
    Lafayette, CA

  • Family Values Coalition

    Happy Valentines Day to all, especially to Tom and Ashli, who are undoubtedly still enjoying their honeymoon though its been nearly two months since their December 19 wedding!

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    Go together like a horse and carriage
    This I tell you brother
    You can’t have one without the other

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    It’s an institute you can’t disparage
    Ask the local gentry
    And they will say it’s elementary

    Try, try, try to separate them
    It’s an illusion
    Try, try, try, and you will only come
    To this conclusion

    Love and marriage, love and marriage
    Go together like the horse and carriage
    Dad was told by mother
    You can’t have one, you can’t have none, you can’t have one without the other!