DeSaulnier wins top committee posts

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord

Freshman state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, has snagged a seat on the powerful Appropriations Committee, the choke point for almost every piece of legislation to move through the legislative house.

He will also serve as chairman of Labor and Industrial Relations Committee and the State Administration, General Government & Judicial Budget Sub-Committee.

In addition, he was named vice chairman of the Elections, Reapportionment & Constitutional Amendments Committee and will sit as a member of the Health Committee and the Transportation and Housing Committee.

Read more for the full committee assignment list released this afternoon from state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg’s office:

Steinberg Announces Committee Assignments

(SACRAMENTO) – Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) today nominated the following Senators for appointment by the Senate Rules Committee as members of the respective committees:


Kehoe (Chair), Cox (Vice Chair), Yee, DeSaulnier, Corbett, Leno, Oropeza, Hancock, Wolk, Runner, Wyland, Walters, Denham

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Calderon (Chair), Runner (Vice Chair), Florez, Kehoe, Lowenthal, Correa, Padilla, Liu, Cox, Harman

BUDGET & FISCAL REVIEW (39 members plus 1 vacancy)

NOTE: All Senators will be members of the full Budget Committee. However, there will be only three voting members on each of five Subcommittees as follows:

Subcommittee #1: Education

Romero (Chair), Huff, Liu

Subcommittee #2: Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy, & Transportation

Simitian (Chair), Cogdill, Lowenthal

Subcommittee #3: Health & Human Services, Labor & Veteran’s Affairs

Leno (Chair), Alquist, Hollingsworth

Subcommittee #4: State Administration, General Government & Judicial

DeSaulnier (Chair), Wright, Harman

Subcommittee #5: Revenues and the Economy

Ducheny (Chair), Padilla, Dutton

Business, Professions & Economic Development

Negrete McLeod (Chair), Wyland (Vice Chair), Correa, Florez, Corbett, Romero, Yee, Oropeza, Aanestad, Walters


Romero (Chair), Huff (Vice Chair), Simitian, Alquist, Padilla, Hancock, Liu, Wyland, Maldonado

Elections, Reapportionment & Constitutional Amendments

Hancock (Chair), Walters (Vice Chair), DeSaulnier, Liu, Cogdill

Energy, Utilities and Communications

Padilla (Chair), Benoit (Vice Chair), Calderon, Simitian, Lowenthal, Kehoe, Wright, Corbett, Cox, Strickland

Environmental Quality

Simitian (Chair), Runner (Vice Chair), Hancock, Corbett, Lowenthal, Pavley, Ashburn

Food and Agriculture

Florez (Chair), Maldonado (Vice Chair), Pavley, Hancock, Hollingsworth

Governmental Organization

Wright (Chair), Harman (Vice Chair), Negrete McLeod, Oropeza, Yee, Wiggins, Florez, Romero, Calderon, Padilla, Denham, Wyland, Benoit


Alquist (Chair), Strickland (Vice Chair), Cedillo, Negrete McLeod, Wolk, Pavley, DeSaulnier, Leno, Cox, Maldonado, Aanestad

Human Services

Liu (Chair), Maldonado (Vice Chair) Yee, Alquist, Hollingsworth


Corbett (Chair), Harman (Vice Chair), Florez, Leno, Walters

Labor & Industrial Relations

DeSaulnier (Chair), Wyland (Vice Chair), Leno, Yee, Negrete McLeod, Cogdill

Legislative Ethics

Walters (Chair), Lowenthal (Vice Chair), Corbett

Local Government

Wiggins (Chair), Cox (Vice Chair), Kehoe, Wolk, Aanestad

Natural Resources and Water

Pavley (Chair), Hollingsworth (Vice Chair), Kehoe, Wiggins, Leno, Wolk, Simitian, Padilla, Benoit, Cogdill, Huff

Public Employment and Retirement

Correa (Chair), Ashburn (Vice Chair), Negrete McLeod, Wiggins, Padilla, Liu, Benoit

Public Safety

Leno (Chair), Benoit (Vice Chair), Cedillo, Wright, Steinberg, Hancock, Huff

Revenue & Taxation

Wolk (Chair), Walters (Vice Chair), Alquist, Wiggins, Florez, Runner, Ashburn


Steinberg (Chair), Aanestad (Vice Chair), Cedillo, Oropeza, Dutton

Transportation and Housing

Lowenthal (Chair), Huff (Vice Chair), Oropeza, Pavley, Simitian, Kehoe, Wolk, DeSaulnier, Ashburn, Harman, Dutton

Veterans Affairs

Denham (Chair), Correa (Vice Chair), Wiggins, Negrete McLeod, Cedillo, Wyland, Maldonado

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