Rep. Miller promotes education funds in stimulus bill

House Education and Labor Committee Chairman and Rep. George Miller, D-Martinez, pumped up the House’s $825 billion economic stimulus package this morning in a conference call with reporters.

Joining him on the call were Rep. Dina Titus, D-Nev., American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, Rebuild America’s Schools Chairman Bob Canavan and United States Students legislatative director Angela Peoples.

“It’s critical that the federal government step in so that we don’t have a collapse in our education system,” Miller said. ” … We believe that this investment is critical to how we emerge from this economic downturn. We have been put on notice that if we are going to be competitive, we will need a better educated workforce than at any other time in our history.”

Education-related provisions worth $141 billion include cash to stablize cuts in education at the state level, money to modernize schools and a hike in college grants for lower income students.

The House is expected to vote later today on the stimulus bill, H.R. 1. The Senate version could come in a day or so. President Barack Obama had hoped to win bipartisan support for the bill, but it seems unlikely he will receive many Republican votes.

Click through for links to fact sheets provided by Miller’s office on the education-related components of the House’s $825 billion economic stimulus package …

Note from the House Education and Labor Committee Press Office:

The stimulus package the House will be voting on today, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, includes critical education investments that will create or save hundreds of thousands of jobs, provide immediate relief to schools and colleges reeling from state budget cutbacks and give workers the training and support they need to help move our economy forward.

Below are updated fact sheets highlighting some of these key provisions:

CREATING AND SAVING JOBS: http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/ARRA-CreatingAndSavingJobs.pdf

INVESTING IN 21ST CENTURY EDUCATION: http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/ARRA-InvestingIn21stCenturyEducation.pdf

INVESTING IN TEACHERS: http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/ARRA-InvestingInExcellentTeachers.pdf

MAKING COLLEGE MORE AFFORDABLE: http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/ARRA-MakingCollegeMoreAffordable.pdf

MODERNIZING SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES: http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/ARRA-ModernizingOurSchoolsandColleges.pdf

EXPANDING HEALTH CARE COVERAGE FOR LAID-OFF WORKERS: http://edlabor.house.gov/documents/111/pdf/publications/ARRA-ProvidingHealthCareAccess.pdf

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Elwood

    The “stimulus bill” is the biggest piece of pork in history.

    How, pray tell, does more money to the education lobby stimulate the economy?

    The bill should be called pork chop grande or holy crap, look at the size of that earmark!