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By Josh Richman
Thursday, January 29th, 2009 at 4:01 pm in Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The grassroots progressive Democratic Courage Campaign is launching a new effort to call attention to California’s fiscal crisis and impending cash outage, which could have you — yes, you — getting IOUs in the mail next month instead of financial aid checks or tax refunds:

Click to enlarge:

Chuckle-worthy, right down to the serial number. I’m guessing this isn’t the way Schwarzenegger might’ve dreamed of seeing his face on currency…

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  • John W

    The refund thing shouldn’t be such a big deal. Just apply the amount overpaid to 2009 taxes and reduce your withholding or estimated tax payments accordingly. Then, you don’t have to wait for anything.

  • Arne Simonsen

    John W is right! Roll you 2008 State Tax Refund towards your 2009 income tax with-holding, then file a new DE-4 with your employer stating that you have 99 exemptions, meaning no State income tax will be withheld from your paycheck in all of 2009 :)

    Of course, you could always take the State IOU and pay your federal income taxes with it :) (not sure the IRS will appreciate it, however.)