DeSaulnier sends out e-alert on budget

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier

As state senators prepare to go into a budget session this afternoon — one that that will turn into a slumber party unless at least one Republican votes for the budget — Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, sent out a gloomy e-mail alert.

From the sounds of it, he will need a sleeping bag, a toothbrush and, dare we suggest, earplugs.

Here is DeSaulnier’s alert:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Since the afternoon of Valentine’s Day and through the President’s Weekend holiday, my Senate colleagues and I have been on the Senate floor debating the best way to move our state forward. Over the last 5 months we have seen what can, without dramatics, be called the implosion of our national financial markets, the collapse of the American Dream of homeownership and the strife of precipitous middle and working-class job losses.

As the leading state in the nation, California must turn itself around and begin to work toward financial solvency. The road to economic recovery begins TODAY with this budget vote. As we speak, 276 more crucial infrastructure investments are being shut down. TODAY, The Governor has called for layoffs of 10,000 Californians.

California has been plagued by decreasing tax revenues in this down economy, an unwise cut to the vehicle license fee, and spending on long-term expenditures that state coffers could not withstand. We have come to a place of dire circumstances and the need for tough solutions. We all know there are things we don’t like in this budget – but it is truly a bipartisan “shared sacrifice solution.”

This month, the Controller is delaying $2 billion in tax refund checks to individuals and companies. That’s money that doesn’t get back to Californians and get re-circulated into the economy – the opposite of “economic stimulus.” We can turn that around TODAY.

It comes down to this – a single Republican vote in the State Senate can prevent California from sliding into a fiscal and economic meltdown. The easy vote is a “no” vote. It takes political courage and independence to move the state forward. Now, more than ever, we need our colleagues on the other side of the aisle to recognize what so many Californians already see – no budget means no economic recovery.

Mark DeSaulnier

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • Robert Jones

    You liberals never get it. We are having financial problems because of over-spending. Suck it up and reduce payroll much like the private sector does.

  • Josh Richman

    Reducing payroll alone won’t do it. The LA Times’ George Skelton addressed this yesterday:

    “According to the state budget document, there is the equivalent of 205,000 full-time jobs controlled by the governor. There actually are more workers than that because some are part-time. Do the math based on 16 months, since that’s now the time frame of the projected deficit, assuming a balanced-budget package could be implemented by March 1.

    “You could lay off all those state workers — rid yourself of their pay and benefits — and save only $24.4 billion.

    “Meanwhile, you would have dumped 160,000 convicted felons onto the streets because all the prisons were closed after the guards and wardens were fired. There’d be no Highway Patrol because all the officers were canned. State parks would be closed because there were no fee-collectors or rangers.

    “Truth is the savings wouldn’t even add up to $24.4 billion because some of those employees are paid out of small special funds that are self-sustaining. It’s the big general fund that suffers the deficit. But let’s say the books could be shuffled mysteriously and all that savings realized. You’d still need a lot more.”

    More from Skelton at: http://www.latimes.com/news/columnists/la-me-cap16-2009feb16,0,1062359.column

  • BGR

    Let’s stipulate that what Josh says is true.

    Instead of throwing good money after bad, California ought to do the right thing and declare bankruptcy and place itself under the care of a Democratic Administration that could assign some trustee watch dog like Barney Frank.

    Then the real party could start in Sacramento with yet another blank check. But this time every American could pay for it instead of just us overtaxed Californians.

  • Elwood

    Barney Frank, fiscal watch dog!

    The mind boggles!

  • Ed

    people need to look into the mirror and say yes i’m here and I will help yes the State need to pass the budget at what ever cost is the state of NY going though this NO their not we need to wake up and pass a budget this is bad for America in whole!

  • BGR

    Is this the same Mark DeSaulnier that predicted a quick end to budget fight back in early January.


    How prescient.