Sign-stealers hit Alamo cityhood ballot measure

The First Amendment not withstanding, I would entertain a law barring political yard signs.

They are nothing but trouble. Every election, people steal them. They draw mustaches on them and otherwise deface them. In some towns, campaigns even pay a bounty on the signs. (And yes, that’s illegal.)

In Alamo over the weekend, the proponents of making Alamo an incorporated city reported that four large ‘Yes on A’ banners at a cost of $99 each installed on private property were torn down and stolen.

“This caps a two-week period where close to 100 signs have been stolen – all of them from private property,” reported Chris Kenber of the Yes on A campaign. “No ‘No on A’ signs have been touched. Pity that opponents of Alamo incorporation seem to have more in common with spoiled teenagers than thoughtful adult voters.”

The thefts were reported to the Contra Costa County Sheriff but perpetrators are rarely caught.

Voters in Alamo will decide March 3 whether or not to incorporate.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen