Andal bows out of congressional rematch

Dean Andal

Dean Andal

Republican Dean Andal will not challenge Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, to a rematch in 2010, instead opting for a job with mega-firm PricewaterhouseCoopers as a director focusing on California tax issues.

“It was a spirited campaign this last time around,” Andal said in an email release. “But Iʼve decided on a different path – one that still gives me an opportunity to stand up for California taxpayers. Although I enjoyed the time I spent with voters, this is the right decision for me and my family right now.”

Andal’s departure is both good and bad news for McNerney.

On the one hand, McNerney will not face a challenger who built up name recognition in the 2008 campaign and could, in theory, use that experience to take advantage of voter backlash against Democrats if the economy remains in the tank.

But it opens up the specter of an unknown Republican opponent whose strengths and weaknesses could be very different than those of Andal, a conservative with strong anti-tax record who nevertheless suffered from the anti-GOP sentiment that swept the country last November.

McNerney won the seat in a major upset in 2006, beating veteran Republican Richard Pombo. McNerney rode on the Barack Obama wave in 2008 and easily beat Andal last November.

It’s a safe bet that the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, which has already been running anti-McNerney ads in the district, either has someone in mind or they are rattling the bushes in search of a viable challenger.

Lisa Vorderbrueggen

  • McNerney supporter

    Jerry McNerney provides a wonderful voice in Washington that well represents local voters. Andal’s early announcement that he’s out of the game reinforces the growing perception that Jerry may have this seat for a long time. Congrats Jerry on your continued focus on local constituents and thank you for your frequent face-to-face meetings with this District’s residents.

  • freak of the far right

    Andal was a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He ran the worst campaign I have ever seen from a political professional. Andal ran off any potential GOP challengers in the primary because he was suppose to raise the big money and he had support and name ID in the central valley. All the Republican intelligentsia was quaking in their boots gosh nobody wants to run against Dean. HA HA HA what a joke. He had dismal fundraising and to many old Bill Baker hacks who new plenty about polarization but nothing about outreach to the rest of the Republican base. The final insult was inflected by the Republican National Congressional Campaign Committee (RNCC), as they abandoned him financially at the end of his campaign. The most pathetic sight I have ever seen politically was that last interview he did on television in front of Starbucks in Danville where the reporter asked him how he felt about being abandoned by the RNCC. He shuddered and never said anything bad but the look of betrayal was very evident as he was left out to dry by miserable DC Republicans.

    As this election cycle proved conservatism in the Tri Valley is dead. They had their last stand with Dean Andal and Abraham Wilson in AD 15. God knows what will replace it but is has been fun to watch.